Friday, August 19, 2011

Zone D

A few weeks ago my Mom came up with a great, inexpensive way we could allow Reya to be outdoors a bit more without the ill effects of direct sunlight and heat. One thing about us is when we have an idea, it's on until the mission is accomplished. When I was in Jr. High School (shout out to all my Curundu peeps) our buildings were alphabetical A, B, C, D, F and our Cafetorium. Well the Bolton's now have what I'll dub 'Zone D'. A deluxe screened Gazebo that has become our place to hang out during the day and most nights without getting eaten up by mosquitoes or burning down the deck with a bazillion citronella candles trying to avoid getting eaten up by mosquitoes.

It has been awesome. The first day we put it up Reya played outside for a few hours (have doll house will travel outdoors). We've been really enjoying it. Our original plans to watch Rio under the stars were sidelined due to rain, so last night we had our re-premiere of Rio in our 'outside house' as Makinley calls it. It was fun. I fell asleep amongst the bean bags and children piled all over and around me. Today we did art out there. The kids had a blast. Just to be outside, feeling the warmth (but not full on heat) is so nice. It's also a 'controlled' area of play for Jalen. If it were up to him he'd be like most of us were as kids outside playing all day here, there and everywhere. Unfortunately we live in a much different world today. He enjoys that he's outside and I enjoy that I know exactly where he is and he's not feeling so holed up. It's time for another 'Track Night'. I think everyone is having a little four-wall a phobia or itis, so a change of scenery in the next few nights will be good.

The other thing I love about this gazebo is that we can roll it up and put it back in its bag. As a kid I went camping most every summer and I've been itching to go as a family for a few years. The main concern I have is there is so much I'm not comfortable with. When I went camping as a kid there were adults 'responsible' for me and the excursion, if we go as a family then I'm responsible for it all (yikes). My friend Erin and her family camp a lot and she has been encouraging me. I'm sure we'll eventually try it (remember at some point the missions always get accomplished), so surely this gazebo is something good to have in our arsenal. Maybe for the Bolton's Great Outdoors Adventure (sans the Chevy Chase or John Candy visual)?

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