Sunday, August 14, 2011

Acts of Kindness Snippet

I've not seen this actual piece on tv yet, but a few people mentioned they saw a commercial or snippet of the upcoming 'Acts of Kindness' segment. A dear friend through technology and good ole' DVR was able to share this with us and I in turn want to share it with you.

AOK Clip

The day of the taping is still a bit of a blur so I can't wait to see how the team pulled it together. Mireya looks just as beautiful as a little smooth headed girl as she does with all that hair. She and Jalen were sitting together the other day and he said 'your hair is tickling me' It has started very faintly to come in and for's blond.

Be sure to tune in on Tuesday at 5pm to see what a blessing this was for us.


  1. Setting my DVR right now and setting up my Kleenex box!

  2. It was an awesome thing for sure...