Monday, August 8, 2011

Keep Rising to the Top

We had a great appointment today. We only watched' Barbie's The Nutcracker' one time but quickly moved to 'Barbie and The Pegasus', another new favorite. All of Mireya's counts have increased. Praise God!!!! We've modified a few of her medications and she has been placed on another that eliminates bacteria that causes a variety of infections, the main concern pneumonia.

Mireya has become quite the helper during her appointments. She loves helping the nurses collect her labs from her line and her biggest thrill is 'flushing' her lines. This addiction started on the Bone Marrow Unit. Her tag line became 'I need to flush something' and it wasn't the toilet. She has become so in tune to caring for her line, which medications she's taking and wearing her mask has become second nature. The one thing she can not stand is having her dressing changed. If you mention that it might have to be changed in the 'next year' she gets hysterical. The dressing has to be changed every seven days and apparently dressing changes are dreaded by the majority of the kids with lines. The process requires everyone in the room to be masked and I'm usually lightly restraining Reya's hands and calmly talk her through each step. The Nurses are great at getting through this relatively quickly with many attempts of divert and distract.

Allie was in clinic today. She is doing well and preparing for Camp Fantastic next week. Sweet little Emily had been having a rough few days on the Bone Marrow Unit, but we heard that she may have been able to go home today which is great news. Ms. Claire also came by to visit with us today complete with her blue 'Precautionary Contact' gown (more on that later). Claire conducts a 'Coffee and Conversation' session each week for families of all pediatric in patient families. I had the joy of hanging out with her for a few sessions during our time in the hosptial and on the Bone Marrow Unit. Claire made a point of visiting with us every week and has caught up with us over the past few weeks in clinic too. Reya enjoys seeing Claire. We're going to have to coordinate a visit up to the Bone Marrow Unit because Mireya really wants to see her favorite nurse Ms. Leslie. She has asked about her a few times a week since we've been home. Ms. Leslie was off over the weekend Mireya was discharged, but her last words to Mireya was that she would see her the following week and she has not forgotten that. We're so excited that Reya's counts are rising and we're believing for continued increase. God is faithful and we're still trusting him in and through it all.

2 Chronicles 16:9 'For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to him.'

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  1. It is wonderful to read your posts and to witness, through you, how God takes the improbable and pushes it aside to expose what is indeed possible. Prayers and blessings to you and your family.