Thursday, August 11, 2011

Taking It to the Streets

Yes I know the Doobie Brothers during the Michael McDonald years. The Boltons had to move the evening par-tay off the premises and on-location. The kids have been super amped, borderline bouncing off the walls so we had to go for 'Operation Defuse the Energy'. We grabbed the mask, put on the kicks and went out to the track. The girls donned their princess gowns and around and around we went sans the disco ball or the impending arrival of a prince. Who needs a prince when you've got Daddy!

I don't know how many laps we did in total, but we were out there for quite a while. We ran, we walked, and a few times we walked and ran. Jalen ran an entire lap and a half without stopping in Crocs. A lady was running her laps and asked if he could keep up with her. The next thing I heard is 'your so fast'...she couldn't keep up with him. He looked like a cross between the Energizer Bunny and the Road Runner. I had to cut across the track because he just wouldn't stop running. The girls were getting it in too. Those princess dresses were flying in the wind and their tennis shoes lighting up with each footstep. Jalen did take a pause so he could roll down a hill. I really wanted to join him, but I passed on that good ole' fashioned fun. Remember how fun that used to be?!

It was nice to be out in the open, at the appropriate hour with only about 5 other people running, jogging and walking around too. We did a cool down lap and Jalen practically collapsed on the bleachers. He was so tired I gave him a piggy back ride to the car, which meant Daddy had to lock and load the biceps (guns) to carry both girls to the car. When we got home all the kids were exhausted. Jalen said he was so tired he needed to go right upstairs and go to bed. Hmm..we may have to have Track Nights more often.

Being out on the track was great for me too. I admit that these last few months have taken a toll on the system and there's no excuse, but my excuse is that I'm eating well (you guys have been making sure of it) and I've been pretty sedentary. It's not a good look, but not the first time stress, emotions and food found respite together. However, it's not the look I'm going for. So I'm going to need to make some changes. I have so much before me and I want to be in better physical shape to enjoy it all. My body is a temple and I need to discipline it and keep in under control. Lord help me.

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