Tuesday, June 15, 2010


About 7 days ago I decided to re-up the sand in the kids sandbox. This required me to carry and maneuver a 50lb bag of sand to the backyard. This was going very well until I reached the gate. We have a gate that automatically closes via a spring mechanism. Well I cleared the gate, but as it shut full force, one of the barbs ripped the side of my foot open. Ouch! After several stitches and a tetanus shot, I've had the joy of spending the last week hobbling along on crutches. It really has been no fun trying to rangle 3 kids with a crutch in hand. There are days the kids are great and sympathetic to what ails Mommy, but other days I think they know I couldn't keep up with them if I tried. So I'm counting down the days to ditching the crutches and ridding myself of this major inconvenience. Some times it's easy to take for granted the use and mobility of all functioning limbs and body parts. Another week or so and I can get these stitches out. I can't wait. My coping skills have been dwindling, so I'm hoping my sanity will remain intact until then.