Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Fun on a Mission

#TeamBolton has been having a great summer.  Days have been filled with friends, fun and enjoying things we've not had the chance to do for so long. Many priceless moments and times of reflection of just how far the Lord has carried and brought us.  One of the most touching parts is the 'thankfulness' Mireya has.  Many times she has grabbed my hand and said 'thank you' for taking me there, or 'thank you' for letting me do this (tear).

We were asked earlier this year to be a part of a feature story for the Children's Hospital of Richmond (CHOR). The  magazine is currently in circulation for the summer at a variety of places around town.  They did an excellent job outlining the journey with vantage points from both a personal and medical perspective. So thankful to have a Children's Hospital right here in town with Doctors, Nurses, medical staff and resources that we could count on to facilitate and oversee Mireya's care.

Magazine Cover
#TeamBolton Feature
Promo Flyer for Families with Heart Program
Our family also had the opportunity along with Miss Chesterfield to quench thirst and raise money for the Children's Miracle Network and Anthem's Annual LemonAid Fundraiser.  There were lemonade stands up all over town to help put the 'squeeze' on childhood cancer and benefit our local Children's Hospital.  Sometimes it's hard to envision the difference you make when donating a dollar or two, but its amazing what can be accomplished collectively.  Thank you to the many that were out and about that donated to this cause and those who stopped by to visit with us personally.
Our Hero Jalen

Local Firefighters Supporting the Cause
Miss Chesterfield Kiara her court & Miss Chesterfield Directors
Mireya will be having her one year checkup in about a week.  It's hard to imagine just a year ago we were gearing up for our second transplant and to see where we are today.  God is so faithful and we're so thankful!