Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hoo's for Mireya's Miracle

A few weeks ago a beautiful young lady came into our lives, she was crowned Ms. Chesterfield 2013 and Miryea will serve as one of her Princesses this year.  Her name is Kiara Williams and she is a 2nd year law student at UVA.  Kiara sent me the sweetest message a few days after the pageant to express how she was touched by Mireya's story and how much she looked forward to spending time getting to know us better.  Ms. Chesterfield's charity of choice is Children's Miracle Network, a organization we've worked with to support and bring awareness to.  I had the opportunity the evening before the pageant to share a quick excerpt from our journey and how much Children's Miracle Network and CHOR has meant to us personally.

Kiara sent me a second message sharing her desire to do something something specifically for Mireya's Miracle.  Kiara will be hosting a  'Hoo's for Miracles Miracle' fundraiser this week at UVA.  Kiara is a former cheerleader and the UVA Cheerleaders are also going to help her raise money for Mireya. I was deeply touched.  Again the hearts and love of people coming together to make a difference in the lives of others.  We still have treatment to complete, as with everyone in the midst of overcoming a life-threatening situation in a child, even with insurance, medical bills and expenses can be burdensome.  As with every single mission of love and support, we're grateful and very thankful.  There really are no words to express our sincere appreciation.  It wouldn't matter to me if they raised $1, the thought, the love and the desire of her heart have blessed me immensely.
Glitz, Glam & Hearts for Mireya's Miracle

We have some Hoo's in the family (specifically a Law School Grad), so this is really special for us as a family.  Kiara's fundraiser will begin on tomorrow and run all next week.  I'm excited and proud about what young people can accomplish when they put their hearts and minds to something!

Thank you Kiara & UVA Hoos, with Love #TeamBolton

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