Friday, January 25, 2013

Done & Gone

It's Time
The removal of Mireya's line was successful and without issue.  We arrived bright and early and waited through the course of the scheduled procedures until we were pulled from the queue for our turn.  Reya has been excited for the last day at the prospect of getting this line taken out....but when we got to the floor to check-in, she was incredibly serious and quiet.  I asked her what was wrong and she said she was afraid of getting a shot.  I assured her she would be ok and thankfully they anesthetized her via the line and then placed her IV.   Mireya tolerated the anesthesia without a problem. There was significant scar tissue, which we expected because it's been in for almost two years...but 'thank you Lord' this part of our experience is over.  Bathtime was greeted with sheer excitement.  Even though we still have several days before she can be submerged under water, filling the tub up more than a few inches was a treat!
Waiting our Turn

Sleepy Medicine Worked #sleepingbeauty

Oreos for Breakfast #earlyprocedureperks

I'ts gone!
Sidenote..  My kitchen is a total mess due to a line blowing out under the sink yesterday.  Water damage is a beast.  Half of the kitchen has been completely demolished (the most important side...sink, dishwasher, trash compacter, cabinets and counters)...for now we're toughing it out with take-out, finger foods, frozen meals and most importantly paper and plasticware. The enemy thought he was going to 'steal' every ounce of joy we had in anticipation of this milestone, but sorry I'm still smiling with my joy intact. Thank you for your thoughts, calls, texts and most importantly prayers.

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