Monday, January 21, 2013

We're so Excited

And just can't hide know the rest (Bless the Pointer Sisters).  Mireya has been doing fabulously.  Her counts have remained stable and were the best they have been collectively in the last 22 months.  God is so faithful!  She no longer has to wear a mask! I loved seeing Reya's face light up when she heard this.  She was so excited she grinned from ear to ear. We've also eliminated a few more medications, so we're down to just a handful now.  Mireya will physically be able to go to school in March AND she will also be getting her line removed soon. She also took the last of her immunosuppression meds this weekend. That has been a frightening prospect for us.  When she was taken of the Tac last year, the remaining cells in her body 'remembered' their original assignment and started attacking and destroying 'all' of her cells.  As a result of her bone marrow's struggle to create new cells, she became dependent on blood and platelet transfusions.  Once our remaining options were exhausted, it was necessary to repeat the bone marrow process.  This time, we're going all the way...straight to victory!!!  I don't believe he's brought us this far a second time to fail.  My heart skipped a beat with joy that the end is in sight.  We have six, count them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 more appointments in our active treatment.  Mireya will have to get stuck when her blood is drawn for labs, but what a trade off.  No more contraption stuck in your neck, taped to your chest, hanging down to your belly button.  No more daily flushing of the lines, IV meds, or weekly dressing changes.  Scratch complications or worries about infection via this line off the list.  Hallelujah!  We'll take the six sticks!  Mireya is so happy about this.

2013 is going to be an exceptional year for #TeamBolton!  There are no words to describe how it feels.  During the summer I was riding through our neighborhood and had a revelation.  I smiled (actually chuckled) and said 'thank you God'...'thank you for trusting us enough to walk through this'. I never imagined I would say those words, but I truly believe God knew he could trust us to walk this out with a magnitude of strength because we knew he was our source.  This doesn't mean we're anything super special because God is no respecter of persons.  It also doesn't discount the many times we were alarmed, afraid or feeling low. We knew we had no other choice but to hold on to our faith and God's hand. And with that came a level of peace and assurance that he would see us through.  We've learned these God allowed experiences are not only for us, but for others. The love of God is far reaching...however it reaches or touches you.  We have grown through this process and our faith has increased even more. We never imagined our lives would be turned upside down back in 2011.  We didn't know what we were up against.  We were afraid of this thing we knew nothing about and for our daughter's life, BUT God.  He showed us how much he loves and cares for us through the hearts and love of so many (family, friends, church, community and organizations that have positioned themselves to be a blessing).  You can't imagine the impact or the imprint it has made.  When we didn't have the words, we knew we were being covered in prayer.  That's tremendous.

There is so much God has in store and stored up for us.  You know that saying 'he'll give you 'double for your trouble'...I'm ready, we're ready. We've remained hopeful throughout this entire journey and there are still processes, procedures and treatment to complete, but I'm so excited about the difference all of these things will make in our lives.  As we were leaving the hospital on clinic day, we got off the elevator and Mireya said 'hmmm it smells so good in here' (mind you we came in that same way with a mask and it was a different sensory experience), she just kept breathing in and out deeply with appreciation.  I was tickled for her. She has asked to go outside everyday since that appointment. She has reminded us on several occasions that once she gets her line out she can get in a tub 'full' of water and lay down.  One of my greatest concerns has been during Reya's play time (as normal 5-year old ) that somehow her line would get yanked out of her chest/neck while playing, jumping or by the mistep of a sibling or playmate. I know it's a gruesome thought, but a very real one for me every day. In preparation for her return to school, I've had discussions with her teacher and the Admin Team on how we could handle her recess time without making her feel penalized or sheltered.  She is very aware of it, but I've seen the school yard at recess.  Things mistakenly happen, so how amazing is it that she will have it out prior to actually going to school!  Thank you Lord...we're holding on to your promises as tightly as we've held onto your hand throughout this entire process.  Thank you for your continued prayers. I can't say it enough, there is power in prayer and everything that matters and concerns us, matters to God.

There is no rhyme or reason and some things we will never understand, still and know that I am God...every good and perfect thing comes from God...there is nothing to big or to small for God and with him ALL things are possible.


  1. So so delighted to hear this news!! I have kept you all in my prayers! God is so very wonderful!!

  2. Thankful and delighted for you all! #testimony&praises! xoxo