Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our Crowned Princess

Mireya really enjoyed her reign as a 2012 Miss Chesterfield Princess. Participating in the pageant this year sort of got lost with so much else going on, and it seems like Pageant day arrived very soon after I got the memo (or at least that's the way it felt).  I was really apprehensive about Reya doing it based on the early onset of flu and her exposure to the crowd, not to mention what to wear!? The attire came together with moments to spare, but because it fell together so beautifully there was no doubt it was meant for Reya to participate again this year.  Thank you Lord for favor!

Reya had a moment on stage where she was indecisive about whether or not she was really going to state her name and age for the audience.  Without hesitation, her outgoing pageant sisters surrounded her, lifted the mic in her hand, whispered some words of encouragement in her ear and in that moment she raised her head and introduced herself loud and clear.  A few seconds after her introduction there was laughter throughout the auditorium.  I missed the gesture, but was later told Mireya lifted her hand to her head, swept it across her brow like 'whew'...glad that is over.  It truly was a endearing moment to witness.

2013 Preteen, Ms, Teen and Princesses
Mireya loved watching the contestants competing for the titles (Preteen, Teen and Ms.) sing, dance, and of course sashay across the stage in those beautiful gowns.  Before the crowning segment, the reigning Ms. Chesterfield, Delesia Watson extended a heartfelt thank you to the Miss Chesterfield Organization and shared her love for her little Princesses.  The girls adored Delesia, there were smiles and tears, but the precious memories they have of the time they spent with her over this past year are memories they will always carry.

Reya, Delesia & Paris
We're excited about spending time with Reya's new pageant sisters (and remaining connected to the outgoing one) and the new Ms. Chesterfield 2013, Kiara Williams (a second year UVA Law student).  We're also really happy to be a part of the bridge in connecting on a greater level with Children's Miracle Network. The Children's Miracle Network is the charity of choice for the Ms. America Organization (Ms. Chesterfield competes for Miss Virginia which ultimately competes for the Ms. America crown and title).  We'll be rooting for Kiara this summer when she goes to Roanoke to compete for the Miss Virginia title.

Special thanks to the Miss Chesterfield Organization...Kyle Grinnage (The Director) and her family have been dear friends to us for years.  Being a part of this sisterhood was one of the many things Mireya looked forward to over this past year.  Her illness and treatment prevented her from participating in many of the events, but those she was a part of were amazing times for her.  She is delighted to be re-crowned as a Princess for 2013.  I mean what little girl wouldn't love to wear a crown/sash while hanging out with other  princesses doing meaningful things in the community and having fun? And believe me....Makinley cannot wait to say 'Hi my name is Makinley Bolton and I'm 4 years won't be long.  I don't think Ms. Chesterfield is ready for it.  Looking forward to another great year!

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