Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trusting and Waiting

It's a trust thing...trust God with all your heart and faint not in the wait. God's got it. Continue to stand in his peace, even when you know it's laughable or just plain doesn't make sense. Submit to God...Submit to the Process, Submit to Success and Claim the Victory. God is bringing forth the harvest of seeds sown.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MNO - Mom's Night Out

MNO is basically an escape from the house for Mom with her Mommy friends. We typically schedule to get together once a month or as often as we can. I have really enjoyed getting together with playgroup Moms or Moms I know but don't have the luxury of spending time with. It can be as simple as coffee at Panera or Starbucks. Lately a group of us have been known to go shake a leg at a local fun spot, or have dinner and conversation at a trendy restuarant, then there was the Bachelorette themed gatherings and more recently karaoke. Any opportunity to get out of the house to enjoy adult conversation and interaction is always a welcomed change of pace.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Gearing up for vacation is a lot of work. Our favorite vacation spot is anywhere BEACH. We were not able to coordinate time through our timeshare for when/where we wanted. So it's off to the mountains of Harrisonburg we go.

I spent several days leading up to vacation planning attire, meals and activities. Fortunately it wouldn't not be a long ride. One DVD should suffice for the trip. Our teenager had a friend join us us. This has been our vacation partner and adopted daughter since they were 8 years old. Originally it was to give her someone to keep her company and occupied so we could 'enjoy' the time away ourselves. I must admit this was a first. We weren't sure what to expect. A mountain resort in the middle of the summer?

The place was nice. Customarily we unload, unpack and then head to the grocery store to get all the things we want and need for that week. We typically prepare dinner a few nights a week and eat out the remaining days. Having breakfast, lunch and snacks options on tap at all times is a good thing. The kids loved being there. We thoroughly enjoyed the wildlife. Deer were everywhere. Greeting us upon our arrival and just hanging out all throughout the day. They were certainly used to people who likely fed them a treat or two. We were intrigued when taking trash to the dumpster. There was a hidden hand contraption that took some coordination to open. A larger sticker on the dumpster explained it was necessary to keep bears at bay. Oh wow don't want to run into a bear in the middle of the day or night unless they are off in the distance and I mean a really sizable distance between them and us. Our days were filled with swimming, playground play, grass tubing (which was very cool), magic shows and water park visits. We coordinated naps as best we could and at night we regrouped from the days activities. We always bring the Wii and/or Playstation with us. So there was a few evenings of Video challenges and fun. We also found some really great local spots to eat. The buffet at the Water Park was awesome. A great selection of really good food. The greatest find was a local BBQ spot (Hanks) that was simply incredible. It was a very nice, yet family friendly place. Both of these places were the dining choice of the day more than once.

This year Jalen decided was his breakout year in the water. He was becoming fish-like. Just enjoying every aspect of being in the water. Jumping in, closing his mouth and holding his breath under water. Just wanting to swim, swim, swim. That was so fun to watch and experience. Paris and I even went out one night for a little Mother/Daughter Bingo. It was a little intimidating at first. I'd never gone to a organized Bingo game. There were a lot of rules, but in the end it was a fun time. As always the girls had some admirers. We enjoy hearing and laughing at those stories. This year was no different. Over the years we've developed a vacation groove we like to flow with. It generally consists of something like water fun, eat, activity, video games or rest and then dinner and nighttime water fun. Believe it or not it never gets old. We did elect to go fishing during the trip which was a good time. We didn't catch anything but to have everyone out on the water participating in something I have loved for so long was awesome. A downpour was unleashed from the sky which quickly ended our time on the water. Typically rain/storms create a feeding frenzy in the water, but that was not the case that day. The water park and game room were a lot of fun too! The not so amusing part was turning in the tickets and trying to select a toy that would be suitable for the overexcited little ones.

Overall we had a great time. My son loved this trip. He couldn't stop talking about our mountain house and how he wanted to go back there. I'm certain at some point we'll go back. We definitely want to experience the area during ski season.


Reaching, grabbing, grasping, kicking, splashing and laughing....oh and i definitely know my name.....the joys of watching your little one grow.

It's amazing how each child differs and reaches a variety of milestones at a different time and pace. For me watching all these things with Makinley is bittersweet. It's exciting to see her world unfold, but the reality for me is I'm witnessing the 'last' of many 'firsts' which makes me sad. The time goes by so quickly. All the more reason to take the time to relish and savor every moment. Onward to the next series of milestones...solids, rolling over, clapping hands, 1st tooth, and so on and so forth.

Nap Trap

I have to thank my new Mommy friend Jayne for this one. The Nap Trap. Perfectly coined. Nothing like a newborn that requires consistent sleep. A two year old who still has a nap schedule of at least 1 long name or 2 shorter naps. The five year old gave up naps all together close to age four. This Nap Trap makes it difficult to plan our days. Sometimes even getting out of the house fails to happen. It will likely be at least a few years before we are out of this all together. Which I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not. At least I know at some point in the day at least 2 of the 4 are resting and I have some time to myself to shower, get online, clean up or do whatever I please. I'll take it for now.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Today is my Anniversary. 10 years ago today my husband and I were married. I truly believe he is my soul mate. 'Soul Mate' is one of those terms that casually gets thrown around from time to time. However, I'm convinced with everything in me, that the Lord created this man for specifically for me. I am amazed at our how our lives took various dips and turns to bring us to the point of finally finding one another. Once we found one another, our connection was immediate. Unfortunately we both were otherwise spoken for, but 2 years later, the Lord orchestrated our coming together again. This time we never looked back. It doesn't seem like it has been 10 years. The time has gone by so quickly. Our love has withstood challenges and circumstances that likely would have taken others to their knees. Ours literally drove us to our knees.... in prayer. Together we are a fearless team. Without the Lord we are nothing. What we have is built upon the foundation of God's love. That love is enormous. I am thankful and grateful for him. I'm extremely happy with him and I'm proud to be his wife. I'm looking forward to continuing to share my life with him beside me. It promises to be an even more awesome and eventful journey with each day and year that unfolds.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I spent most of the week busted up from neck, back and shoulder drama. I sarcastically snickered as the Doctor suggested I get a lot of rest. Well I believe a broken toe will help facilitate that along. I wish I had a fabulous story to go along with this injury. The truth of the matter is I was at playgroup with the kids. As I was walking along one of the toddlers walked in front of me and decided to stop. I had my shoes off and walked full force into the back of his foot. I heard a *snap* and thought to myself what was that. The pain was immediate. My toe was sitting twisted to the side. It was not a happy moment at all. All I could think of was if my toe was broken, how much it was hurting and wondering how I was going to get home. I have a high tolerance for pain. I hobbled along, denied everyone the opportunity to drive me home and high tailed it to my house. I was able to get a relatively quick appointment time. After a few x-rays it was determined that I did indeed break my toe. My Doctor said it was the worse broken toe he has ever seen. I must admit when I saw the x-ray I immediately wanted to throw up. It not only broke, but splintered too. Yikes!

Who knew something so small could be so painful and so debilitating. I'm limping along. Trying to do the best I can...1) to keep the kids and the dog off and away from my foot and 2) to keep up with the kids in this state. It's been a tricky and challenging feat, but so far I'm managing. Sleeping as been interesting too. I tend to be someone who is all over the place in my sleep. A broken toe and wild sleep habits are not good. Every time I move, my toe monitor let's me know about it. My Doctor said it will be weeks and weeks before this heals. These are the weeks I had been looking forward to. Family reunion at the Lake, vacation at the beach or the mountains. Some of my plans will definitely need to be revamped. At least all the activities that definitely require to fully functional feet. It's likely that I needed to slow down, take a pause or just stop and enjoy the moment verses rolling through some moments, but this one has really taken me down to a crawl. I"m praying for a swift recovery on this one.

There is Help for the Weary

Ok so I woke up today feeling extremely overwhelmed. I'm going to ride out the emotions until they subside. God will keep those whose mind remain set on him. I'm praying and pressing.


Have you ever had those days where your body just won't cooperate? Kinks, knots and a variety of uncomfortableness in my neck, shoulder and back. An ankle that feels touched and a knee that continues to remind me that I need to work on strengthening my quad muscles. I've had this issue before, but the pain subsided within a short period of time. This time was different. Everything came to a screeching halt this past week. The pain was semi-debilitating and intolerable. An appointment and prescription later, it is determined that I am suffering from trapezius muscle strain and spasms. The trapezius muscle is the entire triangular muscle group from the base of the neck to the middle of the back. Not a good equation with 3 littles ones. Particularly one that is nursing and has to be held and supported by that muscle group. The doctor told me I need a lot of rest and to get into physical therapy asap the following morning. I chuckled at the get lots of rest part. I was sarcastically thinking 'when' will that happen. I can barely manage the little sleep I am getting.

I took the medicine and really didn't feel any better after a few hours. I took another one several hours later. When I woke up the next day I was in a fog. I could barely function. Thank goodness for my husband. He got the day started as I tried to get myself going. I was able to get a last minute appointment with the therapist. An hour of exercise, electro-therapy and heat really helped. I felt brand new...well at least better. They wanted me to commit to physical therapy twice a week and doing the regimen twice a day at home. We compromised at once a week. I have high hopes to maintain this, so I won't have be strongly coerced to the twice a week office visit. So far so good.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

Okay, so inevitably it has happened again. I'm losing my hair at a rapid pace and it's driving me crazy! It's ironic that when you expecting your hair grows and looks so full and pretty. The flip side of that is once you have your precious little one, hormones can do a number on you and your locks. I've experienced this with 3 of my 4 pregnancies right around 4 months post pregnancy. Imagine washing your hair and tons of your hair coming out in your hands. It's very unnerving to witness. Some days I'm like "is there any hair left on my head." Fortunately there is, but some styling options are not to be tried right now. My beloved pony tail is much to revealing at the moment. With earlier pregnancies the crown of my head was also very sparse. That has not happened this time. Thank goodness! There is a glimmer of hope, as those areas are beginning to slowly fill in. The philosophy is this, due to hormones your body holds on and sheds hair at a less frequent rate. Thus lovely and full hair for those 40 weeks. Once those hormones begin to regulate in your body all the shedding your body did not do throughout your pregnancy begins to occur. Funny how it doesn't happen to everyone and even more ironic that I've been so lucky to have this happen 3 times in a row now. Looking forward to being able to proudly pull my hair back in public!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Some Mornings Are Better Than Others

Most mornings it is pleasant in the Bolton household. The kids typically wake up somewhere between 8am-9am. There's a great sense of calm, peace and love that flows on the upper level. However, some days it has a way of disappearing once we hit the lower level. Today was one of those days. Blame it on low sugar levels or just excitement for the day. Once we got downstairs, everyone had their breakfast of choice. As soon as the bibs were off and their feet made it to the playroom, it was on. Voices got louder, disagreements ensued, and the crying/whining began. Sometimes its hard to share and play nice, especially when one wants to play trains and the other just wants to read books. 'Everyone' was upset and crying. Well the third just wanted to be fed. Suddenly I wished I was an octopus with eight arms to do all I was trying to accomplish in that moment. Instead I instructed the two toddlers to work it out or forfeit play altogether. Interesting how the 'thought' of no play can correct a situation. So now we have a well fed and sleeping newborn and two little ones singing and playing dinosaurs. We're back on track....for now anyway.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


This was a interesting week to manage through. My mother celebrated her 60th birthday which was also the first anniversary of the day my Dad passed away. Talk about a mix of emotions. Bitter and sweet. We surprised my mother and took her to Chi-town for the weekend. Chicago is one of her favorite places. Chicago has GREAT food and shopping! Retail therapy and good eats, you can't beat it. It was a very special and fun time to be together. Of course we all came home a few pounds heavier and dollars lighter...but it was a good trip. Our Chicago playlist went a little something like this;

Day One
  1. Amalfi Hotel (top notch accomodations)
  2. Sidetracked by a little dental emergency (nothing a great concierge can remedy
  3. Great little Italian eatery facing Millenium Park during the Music Festival
  4. A little rain storm can't keep the family down (enter Walgreens for several $8 umbrellas) and keep it moving
  5. Who needs dinner when you just want to get to the ole skool mix at the Funky Buddha Lounge
  6. 2:30 am Pizza delivery. We should have had dinner =)

Day Two
  1. Amalfi complimentary breakfast mix (yummy)
  2. Shopping
  3. Bubba Gump's at Navy Pier (not happy about that Bucket of Trash change...but it was still good)
  4. More Shopping
  5. Infamous Garrett's popcorn (line out the door and around he corner...so worth it)
  6. Shop til your ready to drop
  7. Amalfi Antipasti and regroup
  8. Little Naptime and then the most fabulous dinner @ Shaws.
  9. Lucky Strike for some bowling excitement.
Day Three - Airport and a little 'standby' drama that worked out in the last seconds before the flight left. Thank you Lord.

Teenage Driving

So the day finally arrived that my first born was free to operate a motor vehicle. Wow! She has anxiously awaited this day and quite honestly so have I. It has not been fun shuttling her around to all her various activities daily. Especially with 3 little ones. However on so many levels I wish I could go back to just a few weeks ago when she needed and depended on us for everything. Not to mention there is now another level of worry associated with this new found freedom and convenience. The first day she got her license she couldn't wait to drive. So of course I remember how that was and wanted her to indulge and enjoy. Can I tell you my nerves were shot the entire 1.5 hours she was gone. "Call me when you arrive" and "Call me when your leaving". This has become our ritual anytime she leaves to go somewhere. I've been praying continually for her safe travels and to make wise decisions while out on the road. There has been no greater sound than the phone ringing and her telling me she's made it safely to her destination. Mobile independence is a great thing. Of course with this level of independence come more responsibility. Next on the list....a job.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Moving Madness

Moving madness as opposed to Movie Madness!!! I spent most of the morning gallivanting through several houses with 2 toddlers and newborn in tow. That was a feat, especially keeping little hands off of O.P.S (other people's stuff). The most disappointing part was the homes were no where near as spectacular as they sounded via their individual listings. One house had way to much going on. There was chic, contemporary and traditional all under the same roof. I left there with a headache. Another house was REALLY nice and open, but the driveway resembled a Black Diamond ski trail. I was actually sweating trying to back out of that place. The one listing I was very excited about had a lot of the things I'd want in a bigger place. Unfortunately someone needed to tell that sweet old man that owned the house, he needed to straighten it up at least to the point that one could imagine living there. All in all we survived. Everything in each house remained intact. Well Mireya (my 2 year old) did try to nab a bear that looked like it's been holding on since the 1950's. Oh and she was very intrigued by the 'Wizard of Oz' sunroom in that same house...complete with a very interesting neon green table with the Wicked Witch of the West's feet.

This house hunting trip made me excited to get out and see more houses. It also brought me back to the reality of needing to finalize the last few details of listing my home. Hopefully within the next week or so we will be officially on the market. It's been quite a process. Can you be 'over' the process before it even begins? Wish us luck!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Updating, status changing, tweeting or just reaching out to others....we all have so much to say and share with one another. Blogging is something I've considered doing for quite a while...so today is as good a day as any.

I am in my late 30's and the mom of four 16, 4, 2, and 4 months. Life on any given day is certainly an adventure. Right now we have a mixed bag of tricks going on....from a newly licensed teenage driver to the tenacious two's and teething. As a young adult I never imagined myself with children. But shortly after I got married all that changed. We endured a lot to get to this place, and 10 pregnancies later, we treasure each one of these lives we've been blessed with. I strive to do the best I can to manage stability and maintain sanity...of course with lots of love, laughter and fun!!! And likely many tears (both mine and the kids) along the way!!!