Friday, August 7, 2009


Today is my Anniversary. 10 years ago today my husband and I were married. I truly believe he is my soul mate. 'Soul Mate' is one of those terms that casually gets thrown around from time to time. However, I'm convinced with everything in me, that the Lord created this man for specifically for me. I am amazed at our how our lives took various dips and turns to bring us to the point of finally finding one another. Once we found one another, our connection was immediate. Unfortunately we both were otherwise spoken for, but 2 years later, the Lord orchestrated our coming together again. This time we never looked back. It doesn't seem like it has been 10 years. The time has gone by so quickly. Our love has withstood challenges and circumstances that likely would have taken others to their knees. Ours literally drove us to our knees.... in prayer. Together we are a fearless team. Without the Lord we are nothing. What we have is built upon the foundation of God's love. That love is enormous. I am thankful and grateful for him. I'm extremely happy with him and I'm proud to be his wife. I'm looking forward to continuing to share my life with him beside me. It promises to be an even more awesome and eventful journey with each day and year that unfolds.

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