Thursday, August 6, 2009


I spent most of the week busted up from neck, back and shoulder drama. I sarcastically snickered as the Doctor suggested I get a lot of rest. Well I believe a broken toe will help facilitate that along. I wish I had a fabulous story to go along with this injury. The truth of the matter is I was at playgroup with the kids. As I was walking along one of the toddlers walked in front of me and decided to stop. I had my shoes off and walked full force into the back of his foot. I heard a *snap* and thought to myself what was that. The pain was immediate. My toe was sitting twisted to the side. It was not a happy moment at all. All I could think of was if my toe was broken, how much it was hurting and wondering how I was going to get home. I have a high tolerance for pain. I hobbled along, denied everyone the opportunity to drive me home and high tailed it to my house. I was able to get a relatively quick appointment time. After a few x-rays it was determined that I did indeed break my toe. My Doctor said it was the worse broken toe he has ever seen. I must admit when I saw the x-ray I immediately wanted to throw up. It not only broke, but splintered too. Yikes!

Who knew something so small could be so painful and so debilitating. I'm limping along. Trying to do the best I can...1) to keep the kids and the dog off and away from my foot and 2) to keep up with the kids in this state. It's been a tricky and challenging feat, but so far I'm managing. Sleeping as been interesting too. I tend to be someone who is all over the place in my sleep. A broken toe and wild sleep habits are not good. Every time I move, my toe monitor let's me know about it. My Doctor said it will be weeks and weeks before this heals. These are the weeks I had been looking forward to. Family reunion at the Lake, vacation at the beach or the mountains. Some of my plans will definitely need to be revamped. At least all the activities that definitely require to fully functional feet. It's likely that I needed to slow down, take a pause or just stop and enjoy the moment verses rolling through some moments, but this one has really taken me down to a crawl. I"m praying for a swift recovery on this one.

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