Saturday, March 3, 2012

Glory Glory

We were in clinic today and Mireya was taken off of all medications.  In my best Fred Hammond voice I shout 'Glory, to Glory, to Glory to God'.  This is such a triumphant moment. Her white count had an incredible high a few weeks ago as we tapered her off the Tacrolimus.  It has since dipped considerably lower, but still remains within reach of a low norm.  Overall, her counts are favorable and not of major concern because she is doing so well.  We are looking forward to getting out of this season of colds, viruses and bugs, so we are still very mindful of what and where we do things, but today was a huge milestone.  We've been upgraded to a monthly clinic visit and that is super exciting.  I must admit as my daily medicine reminders went off it felt odd, yet awesome to 'dismiss' them and then promptly delete them.  God answers prayers!!!

Mireya's health continues to increase and we are optimistic and prayerful that it will continue to do so.   Next on the agenda is removing the Hickman Line.  The plan is to give her body a few months to adjust and stabilize, particularly the white count and we'll schedule the procedure to have the line removed. Thank you for your prayers and thank you Lord for touching and healing Mireya's body.

We continue to pray and trust God for our friends and children everywhere battling illness, enduring treatment and incredible odds.  Precious lives are hanging in the balance.  It is impossible to predict how things will turn out or to have someone tell you based on their experience or opinion (medically or otherwise) what the outcome will be....keep fighting, keep trusting, keep believing and know there is power in prayer.