Saturday, May 23, 2015

Champion Fun

The last few months have been full of Champion activities.  I've had the joy of speaking on behalf of children's medical issues and funding with the Jr. Board of the Children's Hospital Foundation, the YMCA Board and the Miss America Organization.  It is always a pleasure to add the real life experience and challenges to the WHY of the overall goal.

It has been awesome to spend time with the Partners who have been working over the last few months to raise awareness in the community and helping raise money for Children's Hospital of Richmond @ VCU and Children's Miracle Network.  I feel like a Mom-mager coordinating schedules and balancing some great events for #TeamBolton.  Some of the fun has included a half-time check presentation from Virginia Credit Union at the last home game for the VCU Rams.  We enjoyed meeting the President of the Credit Union and his wife to thank them personally for their generosity.  The kids loved seeing themselves up on the jumbo-tron and the super fan even made the shot and our section was chosen to receive free pizza...which was totally winning!!!

#TeamBolton was a part of the check presentation for Wheel of Fortune's Secret Santa sweepstakes, in which a local winner's charity of choice was Children's Hosptial of Richmond @ VCU for $10k.

The students at Meadowbrook High School did a phenomenal job with their Roar-athon event this year.  We continue to be in awe of what a committed group of young people with hearts to serve others looks like.  You can't go wrong with music, festivities and a goal.  #TeamBolton loves a dance party, so this will continue to be a favorite of ours for years to come.
Crowns and hearts go together so beautifully.  We enjoyed meeting many of the local and statewide pageant titleholders to share our story, along with our appreciation on behalf of our family and patient families for all these lovely ladies do throughout their reign to benefit Children's Miracle network.  This is one of Mireya's favorite she loves a sparkly crown!
Jalen and Mireya are the Champion kids for the Walmart, Sam's Club, Costco and Chico's stores in our area.  It is always great to get out and visit with the employees.  The employees in one store are wearing aquamarine ribbons (Mireya's favorite color) along with the Champion photo on their name badges.  The others have photos on the registers and bulletin boards.  We love all the texts and photo messages we receive from our friends and family when they visit these locations during this campaign. It will be exciting in the next few weeks to see how much they have raised through donations, raffles, cookouts, carnivals and store events.  Throwing pies in the Store Manager's faces during the carnival was really cool! It makes my heart smile to see how everyone comes together collectively for a period of time to make a difference.
We will have the opportunity to travel to Atlanta, then D.C. for the kick-off of the official Ambassador's Tour.  This will be an amazing time to meet the other 49 families and children as well as speak to lawmakers on behalf of patient families and participate in some fun activities.  I'm certain there will be a lot of stories and pictures to share, but also unforgettable memories.

Sometimes it is so hard to see beyond the immediate devastation of a situation.  Never would we have imagined what the Lord had on the other side of what has been one of the most difficult times in our lives as a family.  We are so proud of our children and see it as an honor to serve alongside them in their roles!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015


We spent the first part of today at the Children's Hospital in Child Neurology trying to get closer to figuring out how to address and work through some of the issues Mireya has been having over the last several months.  I feel confident that we were able to put a plan in place that will be helpful.

We spent the early evening celebrating an amazing honor granted to us by the Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU.  Many of you may remember, in October of last year Quentin and I were at the Q94 studios to share the #TeamBolton story for the Radiothon.  At the conclusion of the taping, we were asked for a few minutes of our time by our friends at CHOR to tell us about an Ambassador program for Children's Hospital they wanted to nominate both Jalen and Mireya for.  The program brings awareness to healthcare, Children's Miracle Network (CMN) and the importance of supporting Children's Hospitals and programs across the United States. 

Every year after a series of nominations 'one' family or 'one' Champion is chosen as an Ambassador to represent his/her state.  Jalen and Mireya were submitted in recognition of their ability to brave their respective battles with grace, strength, courage and determination despite and through it all.  We continue to be in awe of all they endured over the course of two and a half years to bring us where we are today.  

When we received the phone call about a week ago, I pulled over on the side of the road, speechless and in tears....I am so proud to share the 2015 Champions for the state of Virginia are Jalen AND Mireya.  Our friends at CHOR planned a super special family celebration for us at The Desserterie to announce and share with the children that they were chosen to represent Virginia this year in this role and capacity.  What does this mean???  It means we continue to do what we've done all along...participate in events to support the Children's Hospital and CMN, share our experience and our story. But wait there's Ambassador's Tour.  Two trips, one to the White House (the 2014 Champions met and spent time with the President) and a second week long trip to Walt Disney World with approximately 52 other families (one family from each U.S. State and Canada) all together for a common goal.  What an amazing opportunity.  Here's a little clip of the 2014 Champions and their time together on the tour.  Thank you BIG sister Paris (unable to be with us) for dialing in from school for this special occasion.  

News traveled fast via FaceTime to Big Sister 

Thank you to so many that have loved, supported and kept us covered in prayer. We are so honored to be thought of in such a way to be nominated, but even more humbled to be chosen.  To God be the Glory! 

1 Peter 2:9 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light