Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

Okay, so inevitably it has happened again. I'm losing my hair at a rapid pace and it's driving me crazy! It's ironic that when you expecting your hair grows and looks so full and pretty. The flip side of that is once you have your precious little one, hormones can do a number on you and your locks. I've experienced this with 3 of my 4 pregnancies right around 4 months post pregnancy. Imagine washing your hair and tons of your hair coming out in your hands. It's very unnerving to witness. Some days I'm like "is there any hair left on my head." Fortunately there is, but some styling options are not to be tried right now. My beloved pony tail is much to revealing at the moment. With earlier pregnancies the crown of my head was also very sparse. That has not happened this time. Thank goodness! There is a glimmer of hope, as those areas are beginning to slowly fill in. The philosophy is this, due to hormones your body holds on and sheds hair at a less frequent rate. Thus lovely and full hair for those 40 weeks. Once those hormones begin to regulate in your body all the shedding your body did not do throughout your pregnancy begins to occur. Funny how it doesn't happen to everyone and even more ironic that I've been so lucky to have this happen 3 times in a row now. Looking forward to being able to proudly pull my hair back in public!

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