Thursday, July 9, 2009


This was a interesting week to manage through. My mother celebrated her 60th birthday which was also the first anniversary of the day my Dad passed away. Talk about a mix of emotions. Bitter and sweet. We surprised my mother and took her to Chi-town for the weekend. Chicago is one of her favorite places. Chicago has GREAT food and shopping! Retail therapy and good eats, you can't beat it. It was a very special and fun time to be together. Of course we all came home a few pounds heavier and dollars lighter...but it was a good trip. Our Chicago playlist went a little something like this;

Day One
  1. Amalfi Hotel (top notch accomodations)
  2. Sidetracked by a little dental emergency (nothing a great concierge can remedy
  3. Great little Italian eatery facing Millenium Park during the Music Festival
  4. A little rain storm can't keep the family down (enter Walgreens for several $8 umbrellas) and keep it moving
  5. Who needs dinner when you just want to get to the ole skool mix at the Funky Buddha Lounge
  6. 2:30 am Pizza delivery. We should have had dinner =)

Day Two
  1. Amalfi complimentary breakfast mix (yummy)
  2. Shopping
  3. Bubba Gump's at Navy Pier (not happy about that Bucket of Trash change...but it was still good)
  4. More Shopping
  5. Infamous Garrett's popcorn (line out the door and around he worth it)
  6. Shop til your ready to drop
  7. Amalfi Antipasti and regroup
  8. Little Naptime and then the most fabulous dinner @ Shaws.
  9. Lucky Strike for some bowling excitement.
Day Three - Airport and a little 'standby' drama that worked out in the last seconds before the flight left. Thank you Lord.

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