Thursday, July 9, 2009

Teenage Driving

So the day finally arrived that my first born was free to operate a motor vehicle. Wow! She has anxiously awaited this day and quite honestly so have I. It has not been fun shuttling her around to all her various activities daily. Especially with 3 little ones. However on so many levels I wish I could go back to just a few weeks ago when she needed and depended on us for everything. Not to mention there is now another level of worry associated with this new found freedom and convenience. The first day she got her license she couldn't wait to drive. So of course I remember how that was and wanted her to indulge and enjoy. Can I tell you my nerves were shot the entire 1.5 hours she was gone. "Call me when you arrive" and "Call me when your leaving". This has become our ritual anytime she leaves to go somewhere. I've been praying continually for her safe travels and to make wise decisions while out on the road. There has been no greater sound than the phone ringing and her telling me she's made it safely to her destination. Mobile independence is a great thing. Of course with this level of independence come more responsibility. Next on the list....a job.

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