Friday, July 24, 2009

Some Mornings Are Better Than Others

Most mornings it is pleasant in the Bolton household. The kids typically wake up somewhere between 8am-9am. There's a great sense of calm, peace and love that flows on the upper level. However, some days it has a way of disappearing once we hit the lower level. Today was one of those days. Blame it on low sugar levels or just excitement for the day. Once we got downstairs, everyone had their breakfast of choice. As soon as the bibs were off and their feet made it to the playroom, it was on. Voices got louder, disagreements ensued, and the crying/whining began. Sometimes its hard to share and play nice, especially when one wants to play trains and the other just wants to read books. 'Everyone' was upset and crying. Well the third just wanted to be fed. Suddenly I wished I was an octopus with eight arms to do all I was trying to accomplish in that moment. Instead I instructed the two toddlers to work it out or forfeit play altogether. Interesting how the 'thought' of no play can correct a situation. So now we have a well fed and sleeping newborn and two little ones singing and playing dinosaurs. We're back on track....for now anyway.

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