Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Moving Madness

Moving madness as opposed to Movie Madness!!! I spent most of the morning gallivanting through several houses with 2 toddlers and newborn in tow. That was a feat, especially keeping little hands off of O.P.S (other people's stuff). The most disappointing part was the homes were no where near as spectacular as they sounded via their individual listings. One house had way to much going on. There was chic, contemporary and traditional all under the same roof. I left there with a headache. Another house was REALLY nice and open, but the driveway resembled a Black Diamond ski trail. I was actually sweating trying to back out of that place. The one listing I was very excited about had a lot of the things I'd want in a bigger place. Unfortunately someone needed to tell that sweet old man that owned the house, he needed to straighten it up at least to the point that one could imagine living there. All in all we survived. Everything in each house remained intact. Well Mireya (my 2 year old) did try to nab a bear that looked like it's been holding on since the 1950's. Oh and she was very intrigued by the 'Wizard of Oz' sunroom in that same house...complete with a very interesting neon green table with the Wicked Witch of the West's feet.

This house hunting trip made me excited to get out and see more houses. It also brought me back to the reality of needing to finalize the last few details of listing my home. Hopefully within the next week or so we will be officially on the market. It's been quite a process. Can you be 'over' the process before it even begins? Wish us luck!!!!

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