Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year

It's the new year.....out with the old and in with the new (or improved). The beginning of a new year is also a time of reflection and one to set or realign goals.  There are so many things I'm looking forward to this year.

This year I expect and am looking forward to Mireya's health being restored 100%. I'm trusting and believing for the health and prognosis of the many families whose lives have been turned upside down over the last year by diagnosis and treatment. It's a difficult space to manage. Maintaining sanity and balance in the midst of treatments, tests, and scans is rough....feeling your emotions, but trying not to feed them is also a challenge.  Faith and prayers makes the difference.  I truly don't know where we'd be without the prayers of so many covering us.Nothing can separate us from the love of God.  His presence is his promise (Romans 8:38-39).  

We're looking forward to a semblance of normalcy being re-infused in our lives. I can't wait for the day Mireya gets her Hickman line removed and she can take a bath in more than a few inches of water, jump in a pool or ride some waves at the beach. I can't wait to see her rejoin dance classes (she LOVES to dance) or the day she will actually be able to attend school in her Kindergarten classroom. Joyous, yet tearful moments because these are simple pleasures we have not enjoyed for almost two years now.

Going camping with my Jalen and cheering from the stands at his first basketball game are going to be highlights this year. Starting an annual Mother/Daughter trip with Paris is on my list of things to do. This will be something large or small, we can look forward to doing each year. My little grasshopper Makinley is ready to take on her own activities too. She can't decide if it will be dance, gymnastics or karate, so for the moment she twirls, flips and has a mean roundhouse kick.

Being a good parent starts with being a happy and fulfilled person. Personally, I plan to take advantage of opportunities and avenues I've avoided or put off. I will also be investing some of my time this year to brushing up on my Spanish. I used to speak Spanish quite fluently, but I've forgotten a lot and definitely need to practice. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with friends near and far. Being the best person and Mommy I can be is important to me. I've learned to take very little for granted and I strive to meet each day with a positive attitude and a thankful heart. Thank you for your kind words, thoughts and prayers....they keep us lifted.

Excited about 2013.....

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