Friday, February 1, 2013


These last few weeks have been so 'freeing' for Mireya  Being able to ditch the mask was major, getting her line removed was icing on the cake. She is living life in an entirely new way.  Enjoying every moment with freedom and without limitations.  She is transforming right before our eyes and it's a beautiful things to witness.

Mireya has asked to go outside every day.  She walked with me to the bus stop with Jalen for the first time since school started.  I've seen rolling down a grassy hill, but when it snowed, Mireya's excitement had her rolling over and over and over and over down the hills squealing with delight. (To view, click here Reya's Snow Fun) She never would have done that with the line in. She's been laughing more, smiling more, I catch her just grinning for no reason.  She told us she is so happy her line is out.  The girls took a bath 'full of water and bubbles', for the first time in two years. Those bubbles lasted forever, the excitement of sharing that moment together could have last all night, but after more than an hour, I made those shriveled toes exit the tub...stage left.  We take so much for granted. There truly are no words for the pure happiness of small things being rediscovered.

Thank you Lord for you grace.  Thank each of you for your prayers over these last two years, they have carried us through and these are the days we believed our hope and faith would bring us to.  We're so thankful.

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