Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Irony of it All

One of the most amusing parts of this entire ordeal is not only is your child diagnosed with a life threatening illness but there is a hefty price tag attached. We are so fortunate to be in very capable and qualified hands. The medical team of VCU Children Hospital's Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Department are incredible and worth every penny, but hear my heart when I say dealing with the ins and outs of the diagnosis, associated treatment, and ongoing ups and downs of recovery is enough, but to also be tasked with financially handling the mounting medical bills is enough to buy a lottery ticket and 'pray' to win (i know the irony of that). I mean the odds of Aplastic Anemia are worse than the odds of winning the lottery. Go figure.

Someone recently asked us about the amount of medical bills have. We've paid a few and based on what we've received to date we have a few thousand dollars of out of pocket bills to pay. Well after my walk to the mailbox today that number has tripled....Yikes! The medical services are exceptional, but the billing system is obviously lagging. I received some bills today from some of our initial visits in May. One in particular made me want to take a few hits off my inhaler. For three days of meds, labs and scans it was 30k. We have good insurance and will only have to pay a portion of it, but if I calculate that portion times the 60 days were in the hospital divided by three, it distresses me. We also have our 'Super Hero' brother's medical procedure to throw in the mix too. As incredible as an 8 for 8 donor match is, can I get some sort of discount?

As you can imagine my bright attitude was suddenly dim but I have repeatedly told myself that the same God that has watched over Mireya and replenished her health is the same God that will see us through our financial responsibilities. I don't know, but God does and I will continue to trust and believe because worrying adds nothing to this situation. Matthew 6:33-34 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

You will likely never hear me mention the financial aspect of this journey again (I know never say never), we all know medical care costs and it will continue to. I'm very happy we have health insurance and the ability to have our daughters medical needs taken care. I'm going to have to pray and sleep on this one. Tomorrow is a new day! Dear Lord ~ I pray I don't walk to the mail box tomorrow and get another bill like today. Amen!


  1. You were right on target when u said that the Lord has brought u this far and will continue to bless and keep your family. I remember when my husband left us and everyday I'd dread going to the mailbox and finding another bill that I couldn't pay or another situation that I'd have to handle on my own. I prayed every free minute I had and one day it all changed. Every time I went to the mailbox I found bills suddenly paid, extra checks that people sent (they owed me??), and notices that I'd overpaid and was getting refunds!! It was sooo crazy. Going to the mailbox became the highlight of my day and I'd be working a praise dance all the way up the driveway! So keep the faith! You've seen what he's done and its only a fraction of what he can do!

  2. I'm shouting over here for you and thanking God, because that is the kind of God we serve!! We're standing, trusting and believing all the way to the zero balance!