Thursday, August 25, 2011

God's Abundance

#TeamBolton will be featured 'live' on the radio this week. We've been asked to participate in the 2nd Annual Miracle Children's Hospital Radiothon. VCU Children's Hospital has been a blessing to us and we are super excited to share Mireya's story and bring awareness and support for such an awesome event. If you are available on Thursday, September 1st @ 1:30pm, tune in to 98.9 Liberty or 107.3 Big Oldies for #TeamBolton's live interview.

Some other exciting news we received this week is Mireya's physicians submitted her name to 'The Make A Wish Foundation' and as a result she is eligible to receive a wish. I had imagined this organization as one for terminally ill children, but they actually grant wishes for children with life threatening illness that require treatment for 6 months or greater along with some other medical criteria. I never would have thought of such a thing, but I'm so happy that her doctors did. I'm elated that as a result of this illness, treatment and year long road to recovery that she will have something so very special arranged just for her. Something she can remember and hold onto other than hospital stays, hair loss, sickness and isolation. I don't know all the stipulations and guidelines of granting a wish, but she has two volunteers that will be meeting with her in the next week to begin designing her wish. I'm still in awe of this news, but so happy for Mireya.

#TeamBolton was contacted last week by a company that has positioned themselves to be a blessing to us. There were several initiatives we were given to sufficiently provide a environment conducive to Mireya's health and recovery. Some of those items have been sidelined at least until we get outside of our 100 days and others were simply a matter of finances. God will make a way. He will position those with a heart to fill 'a need' with the opportunity to be the blessing. Within days of speaking with this company, they purchased and shipped the recommended air purification system to us. It is similar to the system used in her hospital room on the Bone Marrow Unit. We now have an assurance that even with the carpet in her room and other pollutants that she will have little to no issues because of the high efficiency of this system. There are no words for how incredible this is. We have some other items to be addressed that this company is committed to helping us with....speechless, but so appreciative.

Thank you to so many of you that have been a blessing to us through prayer, meals, donations, gifts for the kids, household help and the list goes on. We pray that your kindness will be returned to you and may you be blessed with all things good.

Philippians 4:19 And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.


  1. Such wonderful news!! - Amy Farmer

  2. You, your daughter, and your entire family are a tear-jerking inspiration to me! May God continue to shine His light on you all and bless you abundantly - beyond all measure!