Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Charitable Love

Charity begins at home and we are the first to position ourselves to be the blessing as we can and as we are led. No one wants to feel like 'a case' but we go back to those pearls of wisdom from AJ 'receive' or we'll just pray and believe for no one to help you with anything else. Some wonderful friends have set up a page on behalf of Mireya and #TeamBolton for those who are led or positioned to be a blessing to support the medical needs, expenses and initiatives we have incurred and will continue to incur over this next year.

At this point, we are in the clinic every other day. $30 takes care of one co-pay for the week. Some of Mireya's medications will be tapered along the way, but currently she is taking 7 different medications that run about $100 every three weeks. Air filtration, flooring, supplies, parking, incidentals it all adds up. We're grateful to have insurance for the mounting medical bills, but we still have percentages of those bills to take care of.

Click here to support 'Mireya's Miracle'

This site has been up for a day and people I've not seen in 15+ years have been a blessing. Many people I know but haven't had the luxury of seeing in quite some time have been a blessing. There are a few who are friends of friends that I've never met. Thank you!!!! We continue to see God's love through the hearts of so many. I've said this before because it is difficult to put into words, but to me it feels like every good thing I've 'ever' done in my life is being returned to me. Imagine every good thing you've ever done for someone being piled at your door to receive. It's tremendous and we're so grateful.

We are so appreciative of those near and far who are moved to be a blessing to us in this way. We have a long road ahead and this will definitely help us to shoulder what we face today and all that is to come. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the love. You may have it in your heart to support this effort, but are not in a position to and that is ok. We love the intent and motivation to do so, we ask that you please keep us lifted in your prayers and know that God is working it out and will continue to do so.

Love leads, a servant heart follows, thank you for being a blessing, a help, and such a support. Much love and blessings to you all.

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