Friday, August 5, 2011

We're Increasing

Mireya woke up today in a really good mood and ready to go to the clinic. I told her I hoped her upbeat mood was indicative of great things going on in her body. In-dica-what....the answer is YES. All counts are up today without growth meds. We are super excited. I've come to realize that appointments are going to require at least a 3 hour commitment and that is without having to do anything out of the ordinary. On occasion a variety of wonderful people donate things to the clinic for the children. This week Mireya picked out some really cute hats created by volunteers at 'Halos of Hope'. In addition she received a "My Pet Butterfly". One of the grandparents of a Hemocker coordinated the delivery of these cool gifts for the kids in clinic this week. There were lots of smiling faces as the kids watched their new 'pets' flying around in the jar. It's really neat, but I will admit it has scared the life out of me on a few occasions randomly flapping and tapping around.

Everyone was pleased with her counts. We are still awaiting the results of the test from last week which will give us a overall look at how the bone marrow transplant has taken by cell make up of boy vs. girl. Reya's kidneys are still lagging behind as a result of the chemotherapy and her magnesium continues to return low. In addition to receiving magnesium via her line, she'll also begin to take it orally to see if we can turn this number around. So we'll tweak a few things and counts at our next appointment will be very telling.

Were at Day 28. Each day we move closer to the 100 Day Mark. Everyday we are praying for an increase in Mireya's health and strength. She reminds us often of how happy she is to be here and out of the hospital. We continue to do all we can to keep her well and at home.

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