Monday, August 22, 2011

A Little Roadtrip Fun

We took the show on the road and drove the kids out to the Goochland Drive-In Theater. Mireya was excited about seeing 'Cars 2' when it came out but was admitted to the hospital that week. The Drive-In had previously run 'Cars 2' for a few weekends with sold out crowds. Several of us have been lobbying to have it rerun and they decided last week to do a 'Spy Kids 4' and 'Cars 2' feature, with a special 'reverse' showing last night.

They have two features every weekend with the more kid friendly showing first and after a brief intermission, the second movie is shown. We typically leave after the first showing, but have stayed on occasion to watch the second movie. It makes for a very late night. The movie begins at sunset, so the second movie normally isn't showing until 10pm or later. By the time the second movie is queued up the kids are either sleep or ready to fall out.

We were super excited that they showed 'Car 2' first and then 'Spy Kids 4' last night for those of us that had not previously seen it. They open at 6:00 so you can have time to eat and there is a playground area for kids. Kids 3 and younger are free. So it's relatively inexpensive and on occasion they have Pet Nights and Carload Specials. Everything at the Snack Bar is $3.50 or less. They serve their infamous 'Gooch Dog' which neither of us has mustered up the nerve to try although they rave about it. Quentin was close to trying it last night...maybe next time.

This weekend is their 2nd Anniversary and they will be showing 'Smurfs' and 'Spy Kids 4'. I anticipate a lot of people being there for that lineup. We'll probably still go or maybe wait until the mid-week showing. We love that Reya can have this as an option of events, but overall we still want to avoid super crowds. There was definitely a lighter crowd than normal last night which worked out great for us. The kids love it. Of course they couldn't play in the playground area, but they understood why and chose instead to climb in the car, out of the car, on the chairs, on the blanket, in rotation and succession. Going to the drive-in is something I remember and enjoyed doing with my parents when I was younger. I'm happy that the Heidels are living their dream and have given us the opportunity to enjoy this with our family.


  1. Ooh I can't wait to try this with the kids! Finally a theater we likely wont get kicked out of! (just kidding)

  2. They will love it!!! It's a lot of fun.