Friday, July 22, 2011

Temporarily Delayed

Plans to be discharged tomorrow have been delayed because Reya has an infection. We're adding another antibiotic to the arsenal to work on getting rid of it. She has been extremely tired and wiped out as a result. We should still be able to go home this weekend, barring any other issues. I have striped this room down to bare necessities so when they say go, we have nothing to slow down the process. We are managing to leave here with much more than we came with, so we've separated out some duplicate items received and ones we already have at home to be a blessing to someone else.

Mireya remains in good spirits, but is definitely ready to go home. Her TPN has been decreased considerably to give her the opportunity to eat more. She has been on a mashed potatoes and green beans kick. I can't say that she didn't like those things before, but we ordered this same meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mommy doctored it up a bit and she managed to eat a little. We're happy her eating is showing greater promise today. She keeps telling me she 'wants the food from home'. We'll still have food restrictions once we get home, but I believe she will definitely eat better once she get there. Home is where the heart is and apparently for Reya where the stomach receives it's incentive to be fulfilled.

Thank you so much for all the love, support and prayers. This phase of our journey is coming to a close in swift victory. The infection is simply a blip on the script, that can easily be rectified. Some of the symptoms associated with this infection are similar to those experienced in Graft vs Host Disease, so we're so happy (not that she has an infection), that it is not indicative of GVHD. We continue to believe she will not have any issues at all with GVHD, so we can focus our attention and efforts on the next phase of recovery from home. Continue to keep us in your prayers.


  1. That's right...just a blip on the script. Any young lady like Mireya, who can cross her legs and maintain her sophistication during photo ops...should definately be home before schedule!

  2. Delayed ... but not denied!!!
    Pastor Young