Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 5 ~ Despite it All

Mireya's had several challenges today. Eating has been one of them. She's attempted to eat a little here, and a little there, but it has been difficult to keep anything down. Smells also seem to be really affecting her. Our evening nurse told us about a patient he had recently that told him how chemo can change your taste buds. He spoke of a time he was eating something cherry, but it actually tasted like sausage. Hmmm!?! The majority of what Mireya has been experiencing are expected symptoms from the chemo and the rounds of medication she's been taking. I've been praying that the 'the expected and experienced' be removed from her. God is able!

Mireya had a platelet transfusion two days ago, but needed another one today due to low counts. This is indicative of a steeper decline in the functionality of her her own bone marrow. Over the last week or so it has not been able to sustain her cell counts for any amount of time. She spent the majority of the day resting and pushing through symptoms as best she could. Reya also had a surprise visit from her brother and sister. Jalen and Paris came in the room and she lit up like a 75 watt light bulb. Jalen and Reya greeted one another like two people who loved each other so much and hadn't seen each other for years. It was so beautiful. Suddenly she was all smiles, full of energy, and Ms. Chatterbox. Talk about a 360. It's a powerful visual of what getting up and moving around can do for you despite how you feel. It's a incredible message of how the company of someone else, can lift your spirits, because it allows you to place your mind and cares somewhere other than your situation. Reya had some great visits today. The one thing that sort of popped up out of nowhere was the uninvited guest and party pooper, a 103.6 fever. The only thing to do with that is treat it and hope it stays away.

We recognize the importance of visits and interaction and we know we can't protect her from everything (even though we wish we could), but we are moving into a very critical phase of her recovery and it's likely visitation will have to really be curtailed. It is essential that she not be exposed to any illness, infection, or bacteria. So we cover her in prayer, but we must also use wisdom and practical sense moving forward. It is all love. Our love for Mireya and ultimately wanting to see her forge ahead without any issues. Please keep Jalen in your prayers as he prepares for tomorrow. Daddy has been working with him on the specifics of what to expect in the Operating Room, so we're praying and believing for a promising experience for him. He told me before he left that he was a little scared about it. I told him I understood, but that he would be absolutely fine. God is in control!

Recently I received a book and cd authored by a personal friend whose son overcame cancer. There is no doubt that through their belief, confession and faith that he was healed 100% in his body. It has encouraged me so much! We need to trust, we have to pray and we must believe and exercise faith through our confessions even when the obstacle seems to large or when we feel consumed by circumstances. That is the perfect opportunity for God to show himself. Jeremiah 30:17 show us where the Lord declares that he will restore us to health and heal our wounds. We are holding on and continuing to trust God. Despite the pain, despite the symptoms, despite the reactions, despite the counts, we know Mireya will healed and well. Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me.

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