Monday, July 4, 2011

Save the Drama

Seems that when all hell is breaking loose there is always something else that attempts to rival your peace. I'm not accepting other people's drama. I have no place for it and quite frankly don't care to deal with it. When did concern and care become the basis for madness. Some times being the 'spokesperson' even with the best intentions can back fire. Some times you do have to cut the ties that bind. The dynamics of relationships and friendships change. There is nothing wrong with it. It's called growth. It's also called the process of elimination that shows you what deserves your time and who is worthy of being a part of your life. The hurt and disappointment can run deep, but time does heal all wounds. It's interesting 'how' things happen and at what seems the most inopportune time, but a lot of times it's the set up for the next level of elevation. Or it's the forced hand and moment of a decision you never would have made on your own. Baggage is a beast. Whatever you can off load do it and do it often. Everyone has some sort of baggage (Louie, Samsonite, Ziploc?) There's no sense in carrying yours and someone else's. En Vogue laid the track and a friend of mine recently pulled this one out of her jukebox "Free Your Mind" and the rest will goes on to speak about accepting all people without being shallow. Everything happens for a reason (I know that's the staple cliche), but invariably at some point you have that moment where you realize the 'why' even if it's years down the line. We can't control other people, their thoughts, actions or inaction. Some things are salvageable others are not worth their weight in heartache. Sometimes clarity enters the picture during times of little emotion and you realize some things are worth putting yourself on the line or fighting for. Learn the lesson and move on, or it will come back to visit you at some point. 'Free you Mind' and the rest will follow.....

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