Sunday, July 10, 2011

Home on the Range

Home is Where the Heart Is, There's No Place like Home...can you guess where I am? My little 'compadres' have regrouped and recovered and it feels good to be home spending time with all three of them. You don't realize how out of synch you get day after day in the hospital. I've been so tired. I feel like I could sleep nonstop for a few days and re-emerge ready to face the world.

We were finally able to remove Jalen's bandages. They had him wrapped up like a little sumo wrestler. The area where they aspirated the bone marrow is tender, but he is doing well. He will need to take iron for about four months to supplement and support his system. Makinley is such a comedian (Kinley Clip). That girl is talking a mile a minute about anything and is into 'everything'. My Parisian girl has been working and preparing herself to go off to school in approximately 5 weeks. Times flies! I've been enjoying just being with her talking, laughing and acting silly. I'm going to miss her terribly when she goes away.

I have managed to find energy from somewhere to play and have fun with the kids. The simple joy of seeing the children running around having a good time has been so refreshing. It's been a struggle to strike a balance while existing within two very different worlds, but we are doing our best. Jalen is so much like I was as a kid. All he wants to do is be outside, play with his friends and read his favorite books. He does enjoy his video games too. Kinley is game for whatever, whenever. Just make sure she has her purse, phone and keys. That girl has got 'work' to do. We've done what we could to fill Mireya's room with a lot of fun things and many of the comforts of home. She reminds us often that she wants to go home, yet on some days she loves her 'cool' new room. These last few days have been physically challenging for Mireya. She's been placed on a morphin pump to help alleviate some of the pain and discomfort she's having. These are the times that I ask the Lord to please help her and to give us the strength to stand when we feel so helpless.

Helpless but not hopeless. All our hope lies in you Lord. You are our present help. Nothing is too difficult for you and we can rest in the assurance that you are in control. Mireya's health is increasing and improving. We will not be moved, nor will our faith be diverted by what we 'see' everyday. Our faith remains in you to bring us out of this situation victorious.

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