Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bolton Family Engraftment Dance

A few of the Nurses have boogied down with us today and one also attempted to sing. Her disclaimer was she could do neither, but kudos to her for going out on a limb to give us such great entertainment. I've given out a few check marks to the awesome Nurses on the Unit dropping it like 'it's hot' and throwing their hands up in the air like it's 'all glory'.

'Funkytown' is one of Mireya's favorite songs, so we threw on the Ipod and went for our own 'Engraftment Dance' Bolton style. Someone had to be the DJ and hold the camera, so Mommy missed being 'caught on tape' but trust me I've been dancing, singing and celebrating all day long!

Engraftment Dance Take 1 and Engraftment Dance Take 2



  1. Love it, TeamBolton! I'm dancing at my computer with you and smiling the biggest smile!!

  2. Thanks Susie....God is so awesome!!!!