Monday, July 25, 2011

Free @ Last

Reya is home and we are super excited. As expected it didn't take long for her to eat. I'd been trying since Day 3 to have her drink a those specially picked out Caprisun she loves. She was out of the hospital less than 3 minutes and sucked down a Caprisun and ate a snack. We had 'Breakfast for Dinner' and she managed to eat some of that too. The excitement from the children was the buzz that took us well into the night. Over and over I heard 'I'm so glad to be home' or 'Reya I'm so glad your home'. The twinkle in her eyes and the smile on her face said it all. The children asked to have a sleepover. We had to nix the idea because in the initial days it's important we try to keep them out of one anothers face. That idea turned into a 'free for all' in Mommy and Daddy's room at about 3am. I need a king size bed for such events.

Makinley has not been feeling her best. I had to take her to the Dr. to ensure she doesn't have the infection that Reya developed while in the hospital. It is not uncommon in kids having gone through chemotherapy, but it is very contagious and harmful to the rest of us. We'll have Makinley's lab results by tomorrow. In the mean time we'll do our best to monitor the interaction as best we can.

Leaving the hospital took some doing. Reya has multiple meds to take while at home. This resulted in a few trips to Westbury Pharmacy and phone calls close to closing time at 11pm. All is well, but if you think coordinating Mireya taking 'a few' of the meds by mouth in the hospital was a trick...hmmmm having her take all of them at home by mouth is like coordinating a small circus act.

Masks are a must everywhere. So we did some sticker and mask detail last night. We have a lot of stipulations and criteria to adhere to through this next phase of recovery. As I shared about Allison's procedure we now have to get to and through the '100 day mark'. Some of the eating restrictions have been lifted, but things are still quite restricted at least until we can get through a few more increases in our counts.

Our Little Mi-rey-a of Sunshine (as dubbed by Nurse Tim) is home and we are ecstatic. Getting ourselves in the mix with managing meds, meals and symptoms will take some trial and hopefully little error, but she has responded beautifully up until this point. God is faithful and we're so thankful for her progress. Stay tuned.


  1. Praise Jesus!! Welcome home baby girl!!!!

  2. Yes God is awesome and we are definitely thankful and praising him. Thank you guys!!!