Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sighs & Smiles

We have been very excited at the prospect of going home. Mireya has been without fever since late Sunday evening. The team took her off the meds and wanted to observe her for at least 24 hours before releasing her. It's been eleven days and we want her to have a chance to go home before coming back in the next several days and being here for several weeks on the transplant unit. We were tracking to go home in the morning, but the fever has returned. There has been no sign of infection or bacteria in her cultures and right now the fever is the only indicator that something is amiss. Its not clear whether this is largely attributed to low neutrophils or some sort of viral infection.

It's been a long 11 days. We've noticed Reya's behavior is a bit different this go round. She's perfectly content watching movies, reading books or just spurts of bedside play. We've tried for several days to get her up and outside, to play in the play room, or join some of the activities but she's been very resistant to any of those suggestions. Overall it's probably not a bad thing, because it lessens her exposure to germs and illness, but Momma needs to feel the sunlight on her face...please. Her line hasn't been in her chest long and is still quite stiff, but she is getting more comfortable with it. Physically she has been wiped out, but the transfusions have perked her up quite a bit. Being with Mommy or Daddy is a comfort and seeing her brother and sisters always seems to lift her spirits. Earlier today we received a cheery arrangement of balloons and a cute little bear from a friend I have not seen since we lived overseas as teens/preteens. It was a wonderful surprise for her and I that really made her smile. She has held on to that bouquet of balloons all evening long and still has it firmly planted in her hands in the wee hours of the morning.

The nurse just came in with vials for days. Thank the Lord for that Hickman line. It has made all the difference this time around for counts, cultures and administering medications/fluids. She's going back on the antibiotics and for now we just wait this out. Keep us in your prayers sounds a bit redundant, but please keep us in your prayers. Where would we be without the power of prayer. We welcome them and we definitely need them.


  1. She's such a beautuful little girl! And rest assure prayers will continue!!!Stay Blessed!!!

  2. Thank you so much. Your prayers are greatly appreciated!!!