Saturday, June 18, 2011

Power in Prayer

It has been difficult to get to church over these last several weeks. We've tried to get to bible study as our schedule has allowed, but since Mireya has been hospitalized that has also become a challenge. I was so excited to get to Corporate Prayer this morning. Our Saturday morning commitment ended last week, so I could go without issue. I love my church and church family and have missed being in fellowship with everyone. Today's hour of prayer was a dedicated time to pray specifically for Mireya and our family.

I was so full when I arrived it was hard for me to say much. I slid in my normal place and just prepared my heart to praise God and leave all my cares and concerns there. Before long, I moved closer to the front to a more accessible seat. I was so moved and touched by everyone that got up to pray for us. It was incredible. A group of people coming together on one accord with like minds and hearts petitioning the Lord to move and show up in our lives and in Mireya's body. It was powerful. The fullness I felt was translated over and again in hugs causing me to just burst from the inside out. To be surrounded by the love, care and warmth of so many was truly a blessing to me.

Many of those in attendance have been following the blog, but I knew some were not aware of what exactly was going on so I did take a few minutes to share and thank everyone for being a blessing to us during this time. Mireya has been in a lot of pain over the last few days. They have used a morphine drip to manage her pain. The Drs. haven't expressed great concern about her lack of appetite, but they are clear that she needed to be up and moving around. The goal has been to work on getting her up and walking. Mireya has declined this request multiple times over the last day, BUT GOD....I received a message during the time we were in prayer that 'Reya was very upbeat and moving around'. God moves in the midst of our prayers and our praise. Quentin and I are faithful enough to believe that God can turn this around in 5 days. Nothing is impossible for God! I've said it before, just as Mireya's body started to fail one day, it can just start to work and function as it was created and designed.

Today blessed me. Thank you to everyone that was able to make it out and for those that showed up in spirit. Thank you for your words of healing, love and encouragement. Thank you for the seeds that were sown. Thank you to my dear friends Pastor Mike and Raquel (Rocky) Maye who during Corporate Prayer at their church this morning also lifted up Mireya and the Bolton family. Thank you to my BeautiControl family for being there to pray and support me. I was overwhelmed with joy. So often we get caught up in the race of life that we fail to pray or thank God for all he has done. If you do nothing more, be sure to thank him for the common blessing you receive daily which is breath in your lungs, mobility in your limbs and that you are in your right mind. And don't forget to also ask him to watch over and protect you and your family and friends.

When the children and I arrived at the hospital, Mireya was so delighted. The nurse said he had not seen her smile like that all day. She grinned from ear to ear, hugging and kissing her brother and sister several times during the visit. Mireya has been without fever for a few days and can possibly come home tomorrow. Hallelujah! Last month she came home from the hospital on Mother's Day which was a awesome gift for me. It would be so wonderful if she could be home on Father's Day too. I know Daddy would love that. We're still standing on the promises of God. This could all turn around in an instant.

Our church family (Faith and Family Church aka FFC) will be continuing to pray, but we will also begin a Daniel Fast on Monday for 4 days. One day for each year of Mireya's life. The bible tells us in Mark 9:29 that 'this kind can only come out my prayer AND fasting'. We are 'all in' and continuing to trust the Lord because either way, in the end we win. If you feel led, please join us in the fast. I'm praying that during this time God will bless each of us with what we need.


  1. Hugs to you all! Bethia United Methodist has been praying for Mireya every week. Your faith is truly an inspiration, Venus!

  2. Aww Miriam thank you so much and a special 'thank you' to your congregation/prayer team. It's appreciated more than you know!!!