Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blessings and Support

We have had the opportunity to enjoy several programs and initiatives of Connor's Heroes and ASK. Connor's Heroes is on a mission to build a community of heroes to ease the burden of cancer today and help to find a cure for tomorrow. They provide assistance to pediatric patients and their families, promote public awareness and also fund pediatric focused cancer and bone marrow research. Mireya does not have cancer, but Aplastic Anemia behaves very much like a cancer in many respects. One of Connor's Heroes initiatives are their Hero Backpacks and Tote Bags. We received both during our recent hospitalization and it was such a blessing. There were baby dolls, barbie dolls, card games, Leapster games along with a new Leapster. The backpack was also filled with stuffed animals, puzzles, books and other fun activities. The family tote bag was very well thought as well. Gas cards, grocery cards, free food delivery to the hospital, vouchers for house cleaning, kid's activities and food vouchers for those favorite spots we've worn out in the hospital. There were also practical items lotion, chapstick, hand sanitizer, journals, cards and puzzle books. I've been amazed by the thoughtfulness and generosity.

The ASK Foundation is an organization that stands for Assistance. Support. Kindness. ASK provides spiritual, emotional, financial and educational support for families dealing with life threatening illness such as cancer and serious blood disorders. Most of the activities I've shared over the last few months are a part of ASK. The Child Life Program, those fun and awesome volunteers, music and art therapy, family connections in addition to host of programs to enrich and support children in treatment and their families. One of Mireya's favorite things in the Fishbowl is to watch movies while receiving her transfusions or getting her counts done. ASK has donated personal dvd players, an extensive collection of movies/games, laptop computers and gaming systems for the kids and parents to enjoy while in the Hemoc Clinic. I definitely plan to volunteer my time and talents to the needs of these organizations and their missions when I can. Feel free to visit both Connor's Hero's on their Facebook Page or via the web at and ASK on their Facebook page or at

In addition to these awesome organizations, our church family (Faith & Family Church) has stood with us since day one. Members have prayed for us and committed to continuing to do so. They've brought special meals to the hospital and our home. They have reached out and been a major blessing to us. Thank you to my Mommy friends for the nightly meals, and sweet treats, princess packs and restuarant gift cards. Thank you to friends for arranging to have our house cleaned. The way we've been rotating has made it difficult for us to stay on top of everything. Thank you to those who came to our home and tidied up while we were away. Those who watched our kids, picked them up from school or provided playtime for them.

This level of support has been incredible. Many of you have extended our names to the prayer lists and teams at your churches. There is power in our prayers. God honors the heart of his people and we know that through the agreement and coming together God has been moving on our behalf. It's been tremendous. Text messages, emails, posts and simply following the story as it unfolds on the blog have been so uplifting on some really difficult days. Thank you! We can't say it enough. Your thoughtfulness and generosity cannot be measured. We pray you will be blessed as you have blessed us.

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