Friday, June 24, 2011

In the Queue

Mireya's transplant was originally scheduled for yesterday, but has been postponed until next week. She was in the clinic yesterday and had to get both blood and platelet transfusions. It was a very long day. She'll have another checkup on Monday to make the final determination on plans for the transplant. Jalen will have additional blood work done on Monday because one of the test came back unequivocal for a particular virus. Before we can proceed, the doctors need to use another testing method to determine specifically if he has this virus or not.

I've been out of town with Paris for her college orientation. I was pretty torn about going with so much happening at home, but I'm glad I was able to be there to support her. I love LC. It's a beautiful, quaint school and the people from the top to the bottom and in between are so warm, friendly and inviting. The Administration shared that the LC Class of 2015 is the largest incoming class in 108 years. It's also the most academically and athletically adept class, with the greatest geographical reach and the most ethnic diversity. In addition the school will receive it's highest rate of International Students ever this year. Amazing! I'm so proud and very excited for Paris.

Jalen and Makinley have been on a pause as far as the spectrum of their activities, by virtue of what things Mireya can do. I told them both they could play in sprinkler this afternoon. Mireya has limitations as far as water and her Hickman line, but she refused to be excluded from the mix. How do you tell a little girl that has been cooped up for days she 'can't' join her brother and sister in doing regular enjoyable activities. Mama worked it out. I placed a cloth over her line, wrapped her in saran wrap and threw on the one piece. We also had a chance to get out in the world for a bit this week. Mireya tried to give me the business about wearing a mask, but once we threw a few Princess stickers on it, she was fine. So one of the 'helpful' task will be converting those kiddie masks into ones fit for a Princess.

It's seems like forever since we've been to the grocery store like for real, for real. I was beginning to feel like Old Mother Hubbard with bare cupboards. I feel much better with a full fridge and pantry, especially with the prospect of being out of pocket for several weeks. Another 'helpful' task we'll have to be on top of. We're still pressing and praising God. Thank you for the tremendous response to assist us in whatever way necessary. I feel like every good thing I've ever done in my entire life is being returned to me. It's so hard to describe how it feels to see love in motion. There are no words for the feeling. We're so grateful and have been overwhelmed with Goodness, Grace, Mercy and Favor. I just can't say 'thank you' enough...Thank you!!

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