Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Days Are Here Again

It's hard to describe how wonderful it has been to be at home with everyone playing and laughing, even fussing and crying. I've caught myself many times over the last week relishing moments where I'm walking around my house doing nothing more than existing peacefully. The children have so easily fallen into a groove of comfort and stability. Mommy and Daddy are both here and so is Mireya. Mireya's spirits have soared through the roof this week. This weekend we saw that fun loving, easy breezy girl who finally let the guard and edginess go. It was a beautiful thing to see. We're fever free, pain free and just free to be.

Those other two, not so fortunate. Jalen has been battling some sort of cough which is likely allergy based, but so often it can turn on a dime into something else. It's lingered long enough and even though he's not been dragged down by whatever it is, we'll need to have it checked out. Makinley woke up from her nap with a fever and complaining about her stomach. So we'll have a 'two for 1' appointment today. It could be allergies, could be viral, but either way it's not good when you've got a struggling immune system in the house.

We also have Hemoc appointments today for both Jalen and Mireya to get bloodwork and counts done. Final determinations on the transplant should be made today also. Of course, Jalen has to be well and we'll have to have a concrete answer on this virus that showed up in his testing. The results would be available in two days, which would push us to the end of the week for any plans.

I spent time last week trying to figure out what types of things we could do to make this past week really special for Mireya at home while still keeping her protected from exposure to any viral or bacterial infection. I took a step back from feeling like we had to 'do' anything and the beauty of this week has been simplicity and the joy of being surrounded by the ones you love. Watching the children so happy to be together and do all the things they did before Aplastic Anemia came into our lives is golden. My son was sitting on the deck in the glider and he looked up and very sincerely told me how 'it felt good to be outside together and watching his sisters play and have fun'. He hit the nail on the head and I knew exactly what he meant. He is so observant and able to use his words to express his own joy. Mireya's joy showed up with a sparkle in her eye and a comfort that just allowed her to be present in the moment without worry or concern. Makinley's joy showed up in the best random hugs, kisses and affirmations of how she 'loved me so much'. Her sense of stability has returned.

I do not want this sense of normalcy to end. These moments are priceless and much more special than they ever were before. We know everything is subject to change again soon, but we'll just take each day and thank God for granting us more time. Time to enjoy days like this, time for Mireya's body to flip the script, time for us to be rejuvenated, re-energized and we thank him for revealing to us that in the end it doesn't matter how much stuff you 'stuff' into your life for pleasure because when you strip that all away, the best thing you have is love and one another.

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