Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time Keeps on Slippin, Slippin, Slippin

Somewhere in between all that has transpired in the last few weeks, there was Prom, two injured body parts and a college decision. Remember...there is never a dull moment.

'Mi Hija' spent the last two weekends getting all dolled up not for one prom, but two. Two weekends of exquisite beauty, carefully picked corsages, boutonniere pinnings, staged pictures around the lake, pricey meals and post prom parties. My girl rocked those dresses...ahem I mean Paris looked so beautiful. I'm so thankful I could steal away from the hospital to share in these moments. We send our love to the family of Avery Spence. A dear classmate and friend taken away to soon. Gone but surely never forgotten. Your light, your love and the beauty of your essence will continue to live in Spirit.

Paris has about 5 more weeks of school and she will be a certified bi-lingual high school graduate. I'm so proud of her. She has carried a Honor's, AP and Dual Enrollment load this year. She stepped out on faith four short years ago to apply to the Spanish Immersion program at Manchester. This decision found her leaving her friends, classmates and comfort zone to become a Specialty Center Student. I'll never forget that first day. Her stomach was in knots because she was walking into a totally unfamiliar environment not knowing anyone. Fours years later and she can't go anywhere without seeing someone she knows. In a few short months she will be making that same transition to college as a Lynchburg Hornet. Lynchburg is a small, private Division III school. When we visited LC we loved it. It just felt right. Paris had several college choices, along with coaches hoping to have her become a part of their Athletic Program. We believe she has made the decision best suited for her academically and athletically. This is an exciting time...sniff, sniff.

On Injured Reserve this week - Paris and Mommy. Paris had a small incident while sliding into 2nd base early this week. It wasn't until she took her cleats off that she realized that slight discomfort in her foot was now a throbbing pain, coupled with the inability to apply pressure or flex her foot. Her team is in the home stretch of their regular season games and this couldn't have happened during a busier game week. We spent most of Tuesday at the doctors office getting counts done for Reya and an x-rays done for Paris. Her pediatrician believed her the fifth metatarsal was fractured. Apparently this area of the foot is easily prone to injury, but we were delighted to find out it is just a bad contusion. Ice, elevation and meds have allowed her to get back out on the field.

I, on the other hand have been enduring varying degrees of knee pain. This has sidelined me from any real involved workouts or activities for the last few months. I've been putting off going to the Dr. because I really didn't want to hear him even imply that I 'might' need surgery. Well he didn't imply anything, he just straight up told me I had a meniscal tear, some cartilage issues, and arthritis in the right knee and some sort of cartilage issues beneath my left knee cap likely due to overcompensating for what ails the right knee. Paris got off with ice, elevation and meds and I'll be scheduling my 6th knee surgery.

There is so much going on right now. The beginning, the end, the expected and the questionably unknown. I continue to pray for the strength to keep it all straight in my head and the capacity to do what needs to be done. This is a very important time in Paris' life as one chapter comes to an end and another begins. We want to be able to celebrate her accomplishments and have the time to also prepare for this next exciting journey with minimal conflict. Did I mention I really don't have time to be laid up dealing with a bum wheel! I'm going to need to ride this one out for a while. I'm praying that things 'flow' as they need to.

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