Friday, May 6, 2011

Strength Don't Fail Me Now

'Feet Don't Fail Me Now' is a part of the lyrics to 'One Nation Under the Groove' by The Funkadelic's, but for me it's taking everything I have to roll with Elton John's 'I'm Still Standing'. Mireya had her bone marrow biopsy this afternoon. The procedure itself took about an hour or so including the anesthesia and recovery time. Reya is a super trooper! This kid has just rolled with the punches. Her levels will be rechecked in the morning. There is a possibility if the numbers increase we can go home until the complete report is compiled, which could take up to 5 days. I'm tired, I'm dazed and I just want to go home. Even though my physical and emotional strength is waning, my faith in God to see us through never will.

I arrived at this hospital with preconceived notions based on negative press and stories I've heard over the years. Surprisingly, their Hematology and Oncology Department (referred to as Hemoc) is one of the best in the area. They also have a really awesome Pet Program. Reya was visited this week by Emma, a sweet and lovable Jack Russell who just wanted to cuddle up next to her and have a afternoon nap. He had a busy day visiting all the little patients on the floor. The second day Chip came by to say 'hello' and play a tune for Mireya on his piano. It was so adorable. His owner, recognizing Reya was all about "Princesses", shared a photo of Chip in a costume contest dressed as Tinkerbell. She got a real kick out of that. The preschool/elementary school teacher on staff stopped by to introduce herself and invite Mireya to come and join other preschool age kids for a variety of fun this week. Everything from making Mother's Day cards, arts, writing, singing songs and playing the guitar. The playroom is decked out with tons of fun toys, games and books to include a fully equipped kitchen center. We've been in there everyday and I've about had my fill of tea, plastic veggies and wooden cookies...yum! The hospital's Child Life Program is quite impressive too. Yesterday they brought coloring books, crayons, bubbles, sidewalk chalks and videos for Reya, Jalen and Makinley to enjoy. Today they brought spin wheels, Legos, Princess Puzzles and Princess Coloring pages for the kids to have and the biggest hit of the night was the Window Markers. Imagine Jalen's face when he arrived to see a 200-pc Lego box waiting just for him and there wasn't a free space left on either window after we were all done coloring, writing and scribbling.

We also spent time this week out on the Child Life Play Deck. How cool is it to go outside of these four walls to run around and get fresh air, surrounded by flowers and greenery. The kids enjoyed using the sidewalk chalk, swinging on the swing and blowing bubbles off the rooftop. The view from there is very tranquil and peaceful. The children have also enjoyed watching the helicopter flying in overhead. For them it is really cool, for me I imagine the tragedy of someone having to be medevaced to the hospital for care. I have witnessed this at least five times this week. The Child Life Center is located on this floor. It brought tears to my eyes to see all the things they house there for kids to enjoy through out their stay here, to include clothing for all ages. We purge toys and clothing items several times throughout the year and I will definitely be making donations to this program in the future. This has been a very positive hospital experience for us. There are volunteers that have stopped by the room each day to sit or play with Mireya to allow me to run errands or just to have a break. I mean young adults truly excited about brightening a child's day and putting a smile on their face. They also have a Grandparent Volunteer program of more mature adults that enjoy coming to sit, read, hold and play with the babies. This has been quite an ordeal, and even with all these great things to keep our time and minds otherwise occupied, we wait, we hope, and we continue to pray for answers and that our sweet girl will be well soon.


  1. awww Venus, I'm glad I'm not the only one tearing up over here. I hadn't even got halfway through all the stuff the hospital provides for the kiddies before my eyes were wet! I had thought about signing up my sweet DJ for that program. They dog was getting so expesive with his gourmet foods and haircuts I figure he needed a job! LOL So glad you have loving people around (and lots of toys) to make it at least a little better. Still believing with you for full (and quick) recovery. Love to you and the fam!-Miquel

  2. Yes DJ could have made $bank$. I think it is such a special program and just brings joy and smiles their faces. love you too and thank you for your prayers.