Monday, May 16, 2011

I Pity the Fool

Disclaimer ~ This post has some Angry Overtones~ You have been warned!

Why are people 'challenging' me today. These people better be glad I'm saved. But seriously, you really have to watch who you step to and how. Do you realize that outside of speaking to your manager, I could be across this counter in 0.2 seconds. Do you also know that I can follow you and you 'finger' to your final destination. It's been done before! In this day and time, it is not wise to go for foolish. You may encounter the wrong person and based on the few weeks I've had, I could do some damage with all of this emotion. There are people that will put their religion and relationship on the shelf momentarily to 'get it in where they can fit it in' and that ain't right! 'Thank You' Lord for deliverance, because as a kid, I was always the one in a fight or instigating one. So as I began to breathe in, breath out, and creatively visualize myself anywhere but on the other side of this madness, Jesus Loves Me (an apparently them) came to mind and helped me maneuver pass the moment. I need a massage, a namaste, or better yet a visit to the chiropractor. My friend Kyle swears it cures 'all' things in her world. For now I'm going to sit in 'time out' and pray. Pray that no one else makes me mad today.

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