Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Sincerity & Compassion of Others

Everybody needs somebody. Thankfully Quentin and I have each other and we know God is always with us, but the outpouring of love we've received over this week has been tremendous. It has been an extension of God's love for us through others. We are so grateful for our families, church family, friends, friends of friends, kind words, and deeds....the list goes on.

We often find ourselves looking for ways to bless others in need. It has been an incredible feeling to have the things that we need be provided or coordinated for us. Prayers are going up all over the nation right now on our behalf. How incredible is that. We're thankful that through social media, text messaging and a up and coming blog (shameless plug) that we've been able to share our story and keep everyone updated and in the loop. It's hard to just exist and manage your life from a hospital room. I think of the many families for whom this has just become routine or the norm. I've seen a lot in these few short days and while we are fighting our own battle here, I've been in prayer for many of the other children and families I see. I imagine this gets old and your life sort of stays in flux.

Balancing your real life, along with everything you are suddenly hit with when something unexpected like this happens, requires coordination, visitation, nutrition and seriously 'real' sleep has to be factored in there somewhere. Coordination of who has to be where and when. Some things we just have to sideline until this is over and we can slide back into our regular routines. But we're trying to keep it as routine as it can be given the circumstances. Visitation really has to be handled delicately. We love that so many people want to come and spend time with us while we are here. It's great to have support in that way. The most important thing is ensuring Reya gets the rest she needs and is not overwhelmed in the process. Nutrition, well we all have to be fed. I love that friends have stopped by to bring us meals. It's safe to say that it's day five and I'm no longer excited by Subway, Chik-Fil-A or the Cafeteria. I mean I could learn a thing or two from Jared and maybe come out of this pounds lighter, but I really don't want another sub from Subway. Everyone loves Chik-Fil-A, but that too has lost it's appeal and I really want to still like going to Chik-Fil-A when I leave here. The cafeteria has some good options, but I've really been overwhelmed every time I go in there. It has this 'Regulars' feel and flow to it and I feel like a complete foreigner. Sort of like the first time you ever went to Starbucks to order that drink and you heard everyone before you hollering out Grande, Venti, Soy, no whip blah, blah, blah and then it's your turn and your are clueless. Sleep deprivation goes with the territory. I think I could go to sleep today and wake up next week. I'm so tired, but my mind has been so occupied it's been difficult for me to have quality rest, but when this is over, sleep is definitely on the top of my list.

'Thank You' to everyone who asked what can I do?, what do you need? and those who stopped by to sit and entertain the children so we could just have time to take care of things. We know no one is holding it against us, but forgive us if you've sent a message, text or took a moment to phone us and you have not personally received a response. At this point keeping up with all the love, care and concern would require a lot but I will get around to it myself because I appreciate that you cared enough to do so. Words can't really express our gratitude and how touched we've been as a result of your kindness.

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