Friday, May 20, 2011

Prayer Changes Things

We had a routine follow-up at Hemoc today. Well it was pretty routine until a fire alarm went off on one of the floors which necessitated the entire Nelson Clinic to be evacuated for a short period of time. My initial dilemma was how I was going to get that heavy Sit-n-Stand stroller down a few flight of stairs with both girls. There was a mad rush to get out, so I chose to leave it and I'm glad I did. A few parents elected to take their little umbrella strollers out and had great difficulty maneuvering them down the stairs. I definitely would have taken out a civilian or two (does that still count as 100 points)? We were instructed to go across the street from the building as the fire trucks arrived to survey the situation. Within about 15 minutes or so we were allowed back in the hospital.

Pet therapy made a visit to Hemoc while we were there. Stewie was a sweet, little fluffy pup that played the piano, bowled a four bagger and danced a jig. It was awesome to see the little ones light up as he made his way around the Fishbowl. Even the weary few that had just completed radiation managed a smile or two. Mireya's counts are up. Praise God!!! I expected them to be, especially with having the transfusions earlier this week. Her white cell count is still lingering, so we'll continue to do our best to guard her as best we can against infection and illness. Her Dr. explained that blood transfusions are typically good for about one month and the platelets 5-7 days, so next week's check will be key to see if the steroid is effective in helping to maintain her levels. Overall the physician was pleased with where we are today. We'll take it. This is a day to day journey and we are celebrating every positive report. Every increase is a victory!

We are praying for our new friends as they prepare for a stem cell transplant on Tuesday. This beautiful girl, who I will call 'Allie', has such a sweet spirit. Allie will remain in the hospital for 3-4 weeks following the transplant and will have a closely monitored trek to reach the 100 day mark/milestone. Typically after 100 days the worse of the procedure has passed and she will be on the path to recovery. We're believing God to oversee every detail of her procedure and for her to experience no issues or complications as her body works towards restoration and optimal functionality. Thank you for your prayers! God is so good!

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