Sunday, August 26, 2012

Still Tracking

Mireya's counts took a small dip, but are still in the process of stabilizing.  Over the last several months, Reya's white count has fluctuated anywhere between 1.5-4.6.  Having her on the board at 1.5 at this point is promising.  Her neutrophil count remains above 1000 which is awesome.  Neutrophils are the cells that fight infection.  Reya's neutrophil count has not been above 800 since about January, so we are very excited about where she is right now.  We're still on track to possibly be released early next week.  We'll have a better idea after receiving her labs results tonight.  It seems to be happening so quick, but we believe her body's familiarity with Jalen Wonder Boy Bolton's cells is definitely a factor.  Jalen and Makinley miss Reya being home and they definitely miss Mommy and Daddy when either of us is away at the hospital for extended days.  We banked on approximately 6 weeks of Splitsville, but are really looking forward to being back together at home as a family unit. The same parameters and precautions would apply at home, so to manage Reya's care there would really be nice.  Once we're discharged, whenever that is, we'll still be in clinic 3-4 times a week for monitoring and follow-up. 

Reya had a nosebleed today.  It wasn't excessive, but with low platelets you worry about bleeding and the body's inability to clot successfully.  Her hemoglobin was also low, as a result she received blood and platelet transfusions.  She's had a few out of the ordinary symptoms with the last two platelet transfusions, so the Medical Team decided to pre-medicate her to help diminish any issues. Overall Mireya continues to do well.  Her appetite is still hit or miss, unless it's bacon or specifically something prepared from home.  She is the self-proclaimed 'Bacon Princess', eating about 6-7 pieces each morning.  The group Social Worker was joking that every time she comes to the floor it smells like bacon.  The Galley staff member told me the majority of the patients on the Unit also love and request bacon, likely due to the saltiness. Mireya is definitely craving salty...tonight she asked for club crackers, saltine crackers and pretzels.  We won't put a lot of stock in the request or stock up on those items, because it could all change by tomorrow morning.  Chemotherapy has that affect on the taste buds. 

We're trusting the Lord in every area of this process and believing for steady increase.  Prayers are going up all over the world on Mireya's behalf.  God hears every prayer, and continues to assure us he is present and working it out. 

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  1. WOnderful! I too am a baconator (bacon terminator) in our house. EVERYTHING is better with bacon!! I'll have to add some gourmet bacon prayer requests for Miss Reya!