Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ups, Downs & Changes

Look Mom...No Lines
Three Amigos

Mireya's counts have been through a series of highs and lows over the last few days.  We saw high numbers over the weekend that were seemly to good to be true so early, but the team is not concerned.  Mireya is right where they expect her to be.  Several significant days of baseline counts will allow us to revisit going home.  Reya's appetite and spirits remain good.  She has been taken off of all IV meds and even had some time disconnected from the pole and pump.  She was so happy she twirled and danced all around the room.  Just that sliver of freedom brought a huge smile to her face.

Changes have been made to Mireya's antibiotic medication.  The team believes the fluctuation and decrease in her white counts is due to the co-processor antibiotic she was taking.  She's been given a round of the new antibiotic and we're waiting to see if this change makes a difference in her counts. Reya is still receiving GCSF to help boost her cell counts.

This afternoon, I ran into the lady who doles out the 'deluxe cut' to patients on the floor.  Last year I saved Mireya the agony of watching her braids fall out one by one (literally).  This time, we'd decided 'if' Reya's hair started to come out, she would have to 'see' it coming out and realize it 'needed' to be cut.  She reminds me often and holds me personally responsible for 'letting that lady' cut her hair.  We're happy Mireya's hair has remained intact through this round of chemo.  I believe if we get through this week, we'll likely avoid this as an issue.

We're continuing to trust God to do what only he can.  Thank you for your prayers, thoughts and love.  God is moving and all is well.

It is well with my soul...you are the rock on which i stand, by your grace it is well, my hope is sure in Christ my Savior...it is well with my soul (Hillsong)


  1. (Singing in my Stevie Wonder voice)
    "I just wrote to say I love you...I just wrote to say how much I care...I just wrote to say I love you...and I mean it from the bottom of my heart!"

    Our congregation prayed for you all tonight.

  2. Thank you...we love you too and are so thankful for the the prayers. Thank you Image Bearer Family!

  3. praying for you... As someone who lost all of my hair to chemo I know the importance of that. You are my hero as a mom.. Stephanie

  4. The title of this blog had me a little nervous but sooooo glad all is well :-) We've been praying