Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fun Filled Days

Mireya's had a full day of activities and fun. The Art Teacher, Ms. Gretchen came by, she and Reya painted several pictures and made all sorts of things with playdough.  Ms. Fran, from Connors Heroes stopped by to check on Jalen's status and visit with Reya.  She also bought Mireya the movie Enchanted, which we really enjoyed watching.  The Music Teacher stopped by earlier this week to see if she could visit with Mireya today and sing Princess songs.  Mireya had so much fun playing the guitar and the Q Chord.  She learned to play Mary Had A Little Lamb and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star all by herself.  Friends are in town and stopped by for a quick visit.  Mireya is seeing a lot of new faces, but it's always great to see old, familiar faces you know and love.  Ms. Nadra, the Hospital Teacher also visited with us today. She and Mireya had fun playing a host of engaging educational games on the Ipad. We had a quick call from Jalen and Makinley on Facetime, and now Mireya is back to playing her new games. We LOVE and are so grateful for our I-gadgets.  They've really been helpful in keeping us connected and Reya occupied.

Medically speaking, Mireya's throat continues to be an issue.  An analgesic mouth rinse has been added to her medications to help with the discomfort.  Mucositis is a common culprit associated with chemotherapy that affects the mouth, mucous membranes and the digestive tract. Mireya's stomach has also been bothering her.  We're praying over Mireya's desire and ability to eat because we had issues with Mucositis last year and it resulted in her being put on TPN for nourishment purposes and because of concerns with her weight.  Reya's magnesium level continues to linger.  They've added oral magnesium, in addition to the IV Mag, to see if we can boost her magnesium level.  It has been a super busy day, but Mireya enjoyed every minute of it. We're so appreciative of the organizations, programs, and the resources extended and made available to us.  Seeing her in good spirits with a smile on her face, brings me tremendous joy.

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