Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gearing Up

Jalen did fabulous today in clinic.  The i-port has made these last few visits a breeze and has boosted his confidence in the process and his trust in those overseeing his care.  After he received his injection, he threw his hands up in the air triumphantly as if he'd just won a Heavyweight bout and said 'tomorrow's the big day'.  He knows tomorrow will require a lot for and from him, but after that his main priority is recovering and feeling good about all he has done to help save his sister's life.

After Jalen's appointment, we visited with Mireya.  She was very excited to see us.  We arrived just in time to hear her denouncing her bathing schedule.  After some serious cajoling, I was finally able to get her bathed, all while she giggled and told me how much fun it was.  I'm hoping she remembers all the fun when it's time to do it again.  It's important that Mireya be bathed one to two times a day to eliminate bacteria that naturally resides on the skin that could lead to infection.  I also noticed Mireya had a new dressing, which means she allowed one of the Nurses to change it.  I was pleasantly surprised because she has not allowed anyone to change her dressing in over 8 months, but I welcome the break from the task.

Mireya is receiving what seems like a gazillion medications, so there are multi-pumps and lines connected to her, but overall she is managing well.  Her hemoglobin was lower today, so the Medical Team decided to give her a blood a boost with a transfusion.  She's receiving her second round of chemo and ATG today.  So far so good.  As Jalen proclaimed, tomorrow is his big day.  We have an early start and a very full day.  We're praying that Jalen's body will do what only it can do without issue and his surgeries, the harvesting of his cells and his immediate recovery will go smoothly.  Continue to keep us in your prayers.  God is working it out!


  1. Yes! Saying prayers and will continue to have you all in my thoughts!

  2. God bless you and family Venus! Praising God for His continued strength for you all!!