Tuesday, September 4, 2012


It's been a weekend filled with sadness. Cancer has taken the lives of two very special people.  There are no words for the heartache and grief we feel.  We're grateful to have known a vibrant, warm and loving woman & mother who fought cancer with her daughter (twice) and won, but sadly has lost her own battle.  We pray for a family who will no longer enjoy the laughter and smile of their sweet 4-year old little boy.  We've spent the last 16 months, praying for, encouraging and celebrating every milestone with one another (no matter how small or incremental).  It hurts.  Enjoy and savor every moment you have with your children.  Hug them and remind them often of how much you love them.  Life is so precious.

This was our first day in clinic since being discharged over the weekend.  Mireya's counts are still fluctuating.  Her physicians are very concerned about how high her tac level is. We will return to clinic in the morning to have the level rechecked.  A chimerism test was also ordered to show the cellular makeup of Mireya's cells. Boy (Jalen), Girl (Mireya) or both and to what degree (we're rooting for the Boys). It is really important that we keep Mireya protected from bacteria, illness and infection.  Even though Mireya's counts are registering in fairly acceptable ranges, she is immune suppressed and her system is extremely fragile.  Hand washing, sanitizing, mask wearing and avoiding crowds and situations that could prove potentially harmful (which is pretty much everything) is essential.  Mireya has been less cooperative about wearing a mask.  Last year we could decorate them with Princess stickers to make it a little more tolerable.  This go round, she could care less about stickers and is extremely sensitive about people 'seeing' her with a mask on.  This is something we'll continue to focus on 'why' it is important and keep pushing through.

Comfort and peace for these dear families as they maneuver through the days ahead without their loved ones.  We are so fortunate our paths intersected and we're thankful for the imprint they left on & in our hearts.  It will forever be cherished.  Prayers for all things that concern and consume us.

Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble.

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  1. And yet through these difficult moments you still continue to give praise and inspire. With the bad, there is good to be found. Thank you for the reminder to live and love freely. Sending much love and prayers your way as always! :)