Thursday, September 6, 2012


Mireya's tacrilimus level is still elevated.  Testing this level allows us to determine how the medication is being absorbed in her body and if it remains below the toxic level.  There are several signs of Tacrolimus toxicity, the most urgent is kidney damage.  It is important that we get this level under control.  Mireya's magnesium level has also continued to decrease.  Managing Mireya's medications is a balancing act.  We have antiviral, antifungal, antibiotics, electrolyte repletion meds, sludge removal meds (liver), multivitamins, folic acid and two immunosuppressive medications.  One of the negatives is several of these medications counteract with the full success of a few others.  Doing level counts and making necessary adjustments along the way is very important.  Mireya is a trooper with taking all of these medications as scheduled.  After receiving counts, one of the medications has been eliminated from the roster.  IV Magnesium has been added to hopefully get her levels up and she was also given GCSF to see if we can boost her white cell count.  Reya's platelets are over 170k, which is amazing.  Typically the platelets are the last of the counts to increase.  It's a little puzzling as to why of the three lines the platelets have jumped the highest the quickest, but we'll take it.

Our current schedule is at least three times a week for counts and any necessary treatments.  The appointments/days can last for hours.  After this week I feel like I should collect a paycheck for the hours clocked, but it's definitely better than being in the hospital, so you take it all in stride.  We enjoyed birthday cake today in celebration of all the September Hemoc birthdays.  Special thanks to Cakes by Graham.  It was beautifully decorated and absolutely delicious.  We also had a special visit with Music Therapy while we waited. Mireya enjoyed playing the guitar, singing songs and banging on the hand drums.  She shared with me, she would like to take guitar lessons.  Strumming is great, but rocking out with a pic is Mireya's preference. These programs and visits make the time 'seem' to go by quicker and always brings a smile to the face of the children. 

We're back in the mix manana and hoping some of these modifications will bring about positive results.  God is continuing to work it out.  He never slumbers nor sleeps and because of that I can lay my head down and rest well at night.  Thank you for continuing to visit the blog.  Everything we need God will provide.  This is my confession and my belief.

Confession & Expectation ~ Phillippians 4:19
My God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

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  1. Despite setbacks it sounds like we're still on a good track!