Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mission of Love

I made a confession in a previous post that I would do what I could to get Jalen the Ipad he's been asking for. It's a big gift for a little boy, but the gift he is giving his sister is priceless. My dear friend wants to #makeithappen for Jalen. I've attached her message and the link to chipin, if you would like to be part of this mission of love. If your not a fan of online giving, submit a post or send me a quick message and I will put you in contact with Carrie.  Thank you so much and God Bless!

*************************************************************I started this Chip In fundraiser for two very special children: 5yo Mireya and 7yo Jalen. Many of you know the story already. Mireya was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia and last year her Super Hero Big Bro Jalen (@ 6 years old!), who was discovered to be a perfect donor match, was her a bone marrow donor. However, the transplant needs a boost, so within the next two weeks Jalen will have to be a donor once again for his sister. He has extreme anxiety about the medical procedure but knows he has to do this to help his sister. Since he has given the gift of life to his sister, it seem only fitting that he get a gift too. (My goodness, this is SOOO deserving of a reward!) All he wants is an Ipad, which we, along with his parents, are hopeful will excite him enough to ease some of his anxiety. Mireya will also be able to use this gift during her many hours in the clinic. If your heart moves you to help please click on the link below. Any little bit helps and will be a blessing to the Bolton Family. Any additional funds raised will go towards the family's medical expenses.~ carriey


  1. Wow in less than 12 hours, our mission is accomplished. God is so good and the hearts of so many coming together is amazing. Our deepest and most sincere 'thanks' to everyone that felt led to give. Our Super Hero Donor Brother and Warrior Princess will be super excited. Together we can achieve great things that make a difference in the lives of others. Thank you, thank you, thank and blessings....#TeamBolton

    1. Well, now, GET OUT OF BED and down to BEST BUY!!! LOL!!!! What GREAT news!!! YAY!!!

  2. @mybiblegirl it is so heartwarming! I feel like every good thing I've EVER done in my life is being returned to me through the love and hearts of others...many I know and others I do not. Simply a-mazing and yes a beautiful reason to jump of of the bed and #makeithappen for my super troops! From my heart to your.....thank you!